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Address –  Kahala Phata, Sam Road, Jaisalmer-345001 Rajasthan, India

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer is your gateway to the Thar Desert.
We believe we are not just a hotel, but represent a unique way of life, carefully preserving the traditions of our past yet framing them in a modern idiom.
The hotel takes the path less travelled and discovers with you, secrets of a land that have been long shrouded in myth and legend. With great consideration to your comfort, our particular brand of hospitality is intuitive and genuine.
Your wellbeing is at the centre of all we do. In this ancient and mysterious land we offer every modern comfort.
Live the Thar with us.



We take quiet pride in our meticulously planned and exotic Food and Beverages menu. Our skillful chefs use ancient techniques, anoint food with distinctive flavors, and delight in firing up the charcoal grills to astound you with tastes that are inimitably Rajputana. Served with delicate refinement at your chosen in-house venue or out under the canopy of stars in the desert dunes, every experience enchants. At Suryagarh, we bestow a creative twist to traditional recipes, giving you fare that is familiar, yet delightfully surprising.

At Suryagarh you can feast on Indian and International favourites in our all-day dining restaurant Nosh and relax in our stylish bar, Draksh. The Legend of Marward, our specialty Indian dining room, cultivates dishes inspired from local food. Our in-house dining never ceases to try and delight you.

Nosh, our all day dining room is an airy, welcoming space where idleness is a virtue and indecision, a delight. We serve international favourites as well as time-honoured Indian cuisine. You are invited any time of day or night, for Nosh is open around the clock. Linger for as long as you like; we’re in no hurry and neither should you be.

Legend of Marward
In days past, masterful chefs visited this area, travellers of the Silk Route, and shared their secrets with local cooks. Our speciality restaurant, Legend of Marward, brings to life one of those unnamed culinary artists. We bring to your table the fare of medieval hunts, court kitchens and the zealously guarded trade secrets of kitchens of the past. Passed down generational cuisine, culled from the secrets of the past.

Draksh — the bar beckons the thirsty traveller with its cool white walls, speckled with gold. Unwind under amber lights and indulge in our fine collection of wines and spirits from around the world.

Chaat Chai
At Suryagarh, we give our humble chai the respect it deserves. At the Central Courtyard we lay out a choice of traditional and flavoured teas, and chaat, those exciting Indian snacks that are simply a must. Rest assured, you won’t feel hungry till dinner.

Outdoor Experiences
Suryagarh offers a selection of intimate and convivial dining spots as your special destination dining experience. Our signature dining venues offer memorable experiences, remarkable in every way. Choose from our range of picturesque outdoor locales, where you can enjoy a leisurely feast.

Breakfast with Peacocks
This unusual offering makes perfect sense once experienced and is so extraordinary to the senses — visual and cerebral — that it is a must on every visitor’s personal selection. Drive with us deep into the desert in the twinkling predawn and partake of a nourishing breakfast of traditional Indian delicacies of parathas, kachoris and samosas showcasing the culinary art of the Halwaii. Hundreds of peacocks arrive at this early hour to feed, as the sun begins to rise over the Fort.

Picnics at Desert Oases
Deep in the heartland of the desert, minutes away from the hotel, in secret enclaves between rocky escarpments, are found acres and acres of soft green pastures and lush oases, mystifying the eye and delighting the spirit. It is here that we find ourselves far from the bustle of life, in pristine settings that are almost biblical, celebrating our now legendary Suryagarh picnics.

The purity of a bona fide sunset in the desert is a remarkable experience, a force of nature. Perfect for any celebration and replete with superb vistas, we at Suryagarh will compose this evening experience to suit your particular requirements.

Dinner on the Dunes
In this most magical of all settings, we give you the true representation of a Nomadic Hunt Menu. The evening is set against the backdrop of a mesmerising folk singer. The food prepared on site is glorious and the ambiance is majestic.
This service is available on request from September to March.

Jaisalmer Dinner
The location is picturesque and transforms with dimly lit lamps, brightly coloured flowers and candles. Enjoy traditional dinners replete with local repast from in and around this very area, as well as charcoal grills and roasts planned in harmony with your chosen floral patterns and table settings.

Thar Dinner
The Thar Dinner plays homage to the culinary traditions of travellers who crossed the Thar to Jaisalmer. The Thar Dinner represents the end of this journey in a celebratory feast that is served to you in a communal setting. Starry skies, tasselled canopies and mattress style seating make this a most comfortable, enjoyable dining experience.

At Suryagarh, we do our best to ensure that the good life is a way of life. We’ve built our facilities around a variety of interests. You can play billiards all day, and pause only for a spa treatment. You can spend time in our fitness centre, or explore the surrounding area steeped in history.
At Suryagarh, we’re serious about the art of relaxation

Akhara — the traditional Indian name for a fitness centre — is a state-of-the-art gym equipped with weight training and cardiovascular equipment. Well appointed, it is spacious enough to allow the practice of yoga.

Neel — the vivid blue of the native peacocks is the design inspiration for our covered indoor pool. Built in the style of a bygone age of indulgence, this pool offers quiet seclusion. Just a step beyond takes you outdoors, for those who wish to seek the sun.


Taash is the Cards and Billiard Room opposite the main entrance of the hotel. It entertains with various board games, a card table for four and a professional billiards table.

Beauty emanates from within, yet it is often eclipsed by the stress and toil of daily life. Drawing on history and fashioned on native wisdom and lore, our spa treatments are designed to deliver radiance, healing and a quiet sense of inner and outer wellbeing. Enter this calm space for rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.

Sivananda yoga is a slow form of Hatha yoga that emphasises full, yogic breathing and relaxation. Inspired by the techniques of Swami Sivananda, the training focuses on preserving the health and wellbeing of the practitioner.

In Buddhism, chanting is the traditional means of preparing the mind for meditation especially as part of formal practice. Buddhists believe that chanting a mantra, out loud or silently to oneself, invokes powerful benevolent attention and blessings. Its repetition and sound act as a meditative chant to the reciter facilitating deep states of meditative bliss. Presentations are available on an iPod.

The experience of meditation can take us beyond mental stress and emotional agitation to a calm, centred place. Experience this bliss with our collection of guided CDs and settle into the practice, letting go of all stress, providing the mind with deep rest. Developed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, these are graceful and effortless meditation techniques. Presentations on CDs are available at our Spa Garden.

Veiled under clear starry skies, surrounded by the silent humming of the warm desert breeze lays the marbled venue of your dreams to celebrate a picture perfect marriage. Sun-kissed sand dunes and camel rides in the desert, culturally captivating ceremonies that evoke Indian traditions, vast courtyards bounded by fort walls, candle-lit cobblestoned paths that mark your arrival, gleaming mandaps and Rajasthani folk music, Suryagarh in Jaisalmer packs in all this and much more to make your wedding day an unforgettable one. ?


The rooms at Suryagarh represent a timeless Rajasthan. Available in three categories, these airy spaces blend the modern with the traditional. Enchantingly old world in style, our rooms offer all the modern conveniences.
1.    FORT 

From lavish to intimate in scale, these living spaces are customised for personal preferences. Embellished with rich local textures, our suites offer a calm sanctuary from the city. These gorgeously detailed rooms are little worlds within themselves that offer a refuge to our astute and sophisticated traveller.

2.    LUXURY 

Our havelis are intimate stand-alone suites, sensitively created around courtyards. Our havelis connect traditional living with the more contemporary need for privacy and space. Every feature is thoughtfully intended to reflect elements of the indigenous desert culture yet all the while maintaining the integrity of true elegant living.
2.    THAR

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