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The Insider's guide to places to visit near Mumbai- Top 11


Mumbai is India's second largest and World's fifth largest Mega cities in the world. People from different background, place, country, caste, religious has come to the "city of dream" and live in a harmony. Known for its best city life, however the people of the Mumbai "also known as Mumbaikars" love to visit best places near Mumbai that will offer them rich vegetation, peace and a pleasant environment, as Mumbai offers humidity climate throughout the year.

So, here we listed best places to go near Mumbai from within 100 km range to 500 km range, that is hassle free, less population, can stay from one day trip to three-day trip. The best part sof these places that they are city-life free and each places offer so much to learn from their culture that you will be feeling more energetic, relaxing and joyful. So here, we listed the tourist places near Mumbai that is worth visiting for the Mumbaikars!














Alibaug - Queen of Spectacular beaches

Alibaug is known for its rich ancient history and startling beaches. Lies in the coastline of the Arabian Sea in Raigad District of Maharashtra, making it a hub of various water-sports activities and a perfect weekend best places near Mumbai. Alibaug is also famous for its history, rich culture and Sea-food.

Alibaug is a suitable destination for the couples, group or friends to witness temples, beaches, various adventures activities, sea food and marvellous forts.

Activities & Sightseeing in Alibaug:

  • Visit popular beaches such as Varsoli Beach, Alibaug Beach and Mandwa Beach
  • A tour to popular attraction Kolaba Fort
  • Indulge in adventure activities: Kayaking, Trekking, beachside camping
  • Hirakot Lake and Hirakot Fort- worth visiting spot

Distance From Mumbai: 95 km

Ideal duration: 2 days trip in Alibaug

Best time to visit: November to March

Best way to reach: By Boat Ferry from Gateway of India to Mandwa Jetty. Another way to reach Alibaug from Mumbai is by road



Tarkarli- Known for Turquoise water beaches

Tarkarli is that destination that is suitable in all kinds of weather and the best summer tourist places in India, that is just a few hours away from Mumbai. Turquoise water, white sand beaches, various water activities and the lush nature make them top tourist places to visit near Mumbai. Moreover, the best part of visiting Tarkarli is, visiting the dolphin-point and witnessing the dolphins will make your trip most memorable. Top of that, enjoy all these fun activities while exploring Malvani cuisine that is worth trying as it is famous in India.

Tarkarli is ideal for adventure seekers, family trip and group trip to explore all the adventure activities, nature sightseeing and giving time to oneself.

Activities & Sightseeing in Tarkarli:

  • A visit to Tarkarli beach and indulging in various water sports activities such as Scuba-diving, Snorkelling, Banana Boat Ride, Paragliding and Surfing.
  • Visit Dolphin-point
  • A visit to Sindhudurg Fort that is located in the middle of the water
  • A boat ride in Devbagh that connect the lake water and ocean water
  • A visit to Rock Garden

Distance from Mumbai: 525 km

Ideal duration: 3 days in Tarkarli is essential to sightsee

Best time to visit: October- May

Best way to reach: By train get down to Kudal station, frequent trains are available from Mumbai to Kudal, hire a cab or public transportation to reach Tarkarli. BY road, travel through NH 48 to reach Tarkarli.

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Bhandardara- A charming hill retreat

Bhandardara is a small village located in a district of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra that recently gained a huge tourist attraction from other parts of Maharashtra due to its lush greenery vegetation, surrounded by mountains and crystal-clear waterfalls. A nature lover will adore this place, as it is best for nature-lovers, who want to witness the amusing nature near Mumbai.

If you are looking for a pleasant weekend getaway from the hustle-bustle of the Mumbai city then Bhandardara is the requisite place to visit. Suitable for all types of travellers.

Activities & Sightseeing in Bhandardara:

  • Trekking to Mount Kalsubai, as it is the highest peak in the Maharashtra
  • A visit to Umbrella and Randha Waterfall
  • A visit to Ratangad Fort, and witness the bird eye view of the Bhandardara
  • Nestled in the Pravara River, situated at Wilson Dam with an altitude of 150m above sea level.
  • Getting down from the Wilson Dam, witness the Arthur Lake that form from the Wilson Dam  and enjoy boat riding

Distance from Mumbai: 170 km

Ideal duration: 2 days trip in Bhandardara is ideal

Best time to visit: During Monsoon (July- September)

Best way to reach: From Train reach Igatpuri Station from there road transport are available to reach Bhandardara



Dahanu- A signature place for nature lover

Travelling three hours to reach Dahanu from Mumbai will won't regret you. Dahanu lies in the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, expanse the coastal area of Arabian Sea. Dahanu is famous for its chikoos plantation, Bordi- a place near Dahanu holds "Chikoo Festival" every year, which draws the attention of tourists from Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Dahanu is the best place to visit near Mumbai for nature and peace lovers. Ideal for all those travellers who are seeking peace and want to spend time with countryside.

Activities & Sightseeing in Dahanu:

  • Explore the Dahanu beaches that stretch around 30 km, the beaches are cleanest and no crowd
  • Various Farm visit of Chikoos, Capsicum, Coconut and Mango
  • Trek to Mahalaxmi Hill
  • Explore various sea food near the beaches


Distance from Mumbai: 140 km

Ideal duration: 1 day trip in Dahanu, can make your day worth

Best time to visit: September-April

Best way to reach: From Mumbai Local train directly to Dahanu Station (Western Railway). By road, travel from Mumbai-Surat Highway.

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Durshet- Amiable for trekkers

Another best place to visit near Mumbai within 150km is Durshet. Nestled in the Bank of Amba River in Maharashtra's Sahyadri range is Durshet, a small town. Known for its lush nature and man-made sightseeing. Durshet is surrounded by hills hence, a must visit trip for the trekkers who want to visit near Mumbai.

Ideal for the trekkers, couples who seek to share some time in a peaceful environment and a group tour whom want to explore the various activity of the small town.

Activities & Sightseeing in Durshet:

  • A visit to man-made Uddhar Hot spring
  • A visit to Mahad Ganpati Temple and Pali Temple, to witness the local sightseeing
  • A day visit to Pali Fort
  • A trekking to two popular sites, Sarasgad and Sudhagad
  • Indulge in a water sports activities at Kundalika River

Distance from Mumbai: 76 km

Ideal duration: 2 days tour in Durshet is ideal to explore unseen Durshet

Best time to visit: From September-February

Best way to reach: By road and train, for train reach Khopoli station from there hire vehicle to reach Durshet



Lonavala- Explore the beautiful pictorial scenery

Lonavala is the popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars, making it an ideal destination to visit near Mumbai. Also, Lonavala is one of those hill stations that are pocket friendly for all kinds of tourists. Impressive caves, picturesque scenery, gardens, lakes and lush vegetation makes this place more popular and worth visiting not once but multiple.

The best part of Choosing Lonavala destination is the nearest place in Mumbai hence saving time from long travelling. Suitable for all types of travellers as this place has so much to offer.

Activities & Sightseeing in Lonavala:

  • Tiger's Point- Most famous point in Lonavala
  • Visit to Bhushi Dam
  • Visit to Lonavala Lake
  • A visit to Rajmachi and Tikona Fort
  • Aamby Valley Visit
  • A visit to Karla and Bhaja Caves
  • Visit Ryewood Park for experiencing the pleasant greenery Lonavala
  • Entertaining Sightseeing: Adlabs Imagica and Celebrity Wax Museum

Distance from Mumbai: 82 km 

Ideal duration: 3 days tour in Lonavala is recommended, a perfect weekend  place to go near Mumbai 

Best time to visit: From September-April 

Best way to reach: Travel by Road to experience the picturesque location



Karjat- Ideal for Adventurer

Karjat is the best destination to visit near Mumbai, during Monsoon. Located on the bank of River Ulhas, Karjat is surrounded by the mountains making it a lustrous greenery environment to visit. Trekkers from across India will be found here exploring the mountains. Additionally, caves and temples have significant ancient history with marvellous architecture making it attractive to visit.

Karjat is ideal for adventure seekers as you will find various adventure activities. Also, it is ideal for family vacation due to its calm and pleasant nature.

Activities & Sightseeing in Karjat:

  • White Water River Rafting in Ulhas River
  • A visit to Bhivpuri Waterfalls and Bekare Waterfalls for Rappelling
  • A trek to Dhak Bahiri Caves
  • A visit to Peth Fort
  • Visit to Kondana Caves

Distance from Mumbai: 62 km 

Ideal duration: 3 days tour in is recommended to explore Karjat 

Best time to visit: Between July-September 

Best way to reach: Regular Trains are available from Mumbai to reach Karjat. Also, one can go by road from Mumbai to reach Karjat.

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Kolad- A queen of Water-sports activities

Kolad is a tiny village located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, a centre for all kinds of water sports activities. It is one of the popular places to go near Mumbai for various kinds of activities such as River rafting, Trekking, Nature walk, Kayaking and the villas that are surrounded by flora. Additionally, Caves, Nature Camping, shiny vegetation makes this place a perfect weekend getaway.

Kolad is ideal for all kinds of travellers its variety on various types of places makes it a suitable vacation for all travellers.

Activities & Sightseeing in Kolad:

  • Kundalika River- Enjoy Popular River Rafting, Canyoning, Canoeing, Zip Lining, Kayaking and other various water sports activities
  • Camping on the Sahyadri
  • A visit to Ghosala and Tala Fort
  • A visit to Bhira Dam
  • A visit to Sutarwadi lake
  • A visit to Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls
  • A trekking to Plus Valley
  • A visit to Kuda Mandad Caves

Distance from Mumbai: 119 km

Ideal duration: 3-4 days in trip is praised for Kolad

Best time to visit: One can visit throughout the year, however avoid April & May

Best way to reach: Frequent trains available that connect directly to Kolad station from Mumbai. Road way is the another and enjoyable option to reach Kolad



Matheran- An eco-friendly destination

One of the nearest destinations from Mumbai and well-known is Matheran. Matheran is one of the few hill stations in Maharashtra that is pollution free, as it is marked under green zone, hence it makes Mumbaikars choose this place to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy the picturesque landscape that Matheran offers.

Matheran is ideal for couples, family as well as group tours. The Toy train in Matheran is the most attractive spot that attract thousands of visitors from Mumbai.

Activities & Sightseeing in Matheran:

  • A toy train that worth the visit
  • A trek to Prabal Fort
  • Explore various point: Echo Point, Louisa Point, Malang point and Alexander point- to enjoy the scenic view
  • Sunrise at Panorama Point
  • A visit to Matheran Waterfall
  • A visit to One Tree Hill and enjoy the panoramic view
  • A visit to Charlotte lake

Distance from Mumbai: 50 km

Ideal duration: 2 days trip in Matheran

Best time to visit: From October to May

Best way to reach: Road transportation available from a certain part of Mumbai to reach Matheran or another way is to catch a local train and get down to Neral from there enjoy Toy train ride to reach Matheran.


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Mahabaleshwar- Blessed with the goodness of flora and fauna

Mahabaleshwar is a popular hill station not only in Maharashtra but in entire India and most favourite  best hill station to visit near Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar is the hub of various berries production such as Strawberries, Raspberries and others. Picturesque landscape, variety of flora and fauna, pleasant climate make the tour more memorable. One can also visit jelly, jams and honey factories and bring them as a sweet memory.

Mahabaleshwar is ideal for all kinds of tourist, for couples due to its vivid scenic, for family looking for religious site, best places to visit for couples and  working people to get lost in the pleasant weather of Mahabaleshwar.

Activities & Sightseeing in Mahabaleshwar:

  • A visit to Mapro Garden and Strawberry Garden
  • A visit to Pratapgad fort
  • A religious visit to various temples
  • A visit to Monkey Point
  • A visit to Kartik Caves
  • A visit to Morarji Castle
  • A visit to sunrise point
  • A visit to Venna lake and Chinaman Waterfalls

Distance from Mumbai: 250 km

Ideal duration: 3-4 days in Mahabaleshwar is ideal prefect days to explore

Best time to visit: From November to March

Best way to reach: From the Train nearest railway station is Wathar. Recommended to travel by Road to witness the beautiful scenery.



Malshej Ghat- Picturesque Valley's amidst foliage

Malshej Ghat is one of the few places to go near Mumbai that will create a huge impact on your life once you visit. A heaven for nature lovers and a hub for trekkers. Imagine passing from the mountains that are gleaming due to its greenery and tip of that the iconic scenic view that will witness makes you fall in love with Malshej Ghat not once but every time you visit. Besides, during Monsoon one can witness vibrant Flamingo birds and don't forget to click the pictures.

Malshej Ghat is suitable for family trips, couples, friends-group all kind of travellers are welcome to witness this amazing place near Mumbai.

Activities & Sightseeing in Malshej Ghat:

  • A trek to Harishchandragad Fort
  • Witness Malshej Falls
  • Explore Shivneri Fort
  • A visit to Pimpalgaon Joga Dam for bird watching
  • Ajoba Hill Fort for rock climbing

Distance from Mumbai: 129 km

Ideal duration: 1-2 days in Malshej Ghat is recommended tour

Best time to visit: Best during Monsoon

Best way to reach: The best way to reach Malshej Ghat is by road. Either by private cab or public transport that runs from different parts of Mumbai through NH 61 to reach Malshej Ghat.

So, this is the end of the blog that helps you to get the view of best places that can be visit in Mumbai nearby. These places are also rich in nature, greenery hence one can also enjoy this place as a way out from the Pandemic. The places are ideal from one day trip to four three trips, ideal for perfect picnic spot near Mumbai and a best place to go near Mumbai to fall amidst in nature and help you to live better life by bringing sweet Memories. 



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