The water falls from the high cliff in different runs that makes visitors watch unmoved for hours. Interested visitors may climb up through gentle footpath and sit closer to the falls in a beautiful viewpoint shade when nearby they can attempt for a light bite and drink in a cafeteria. Then just a drive for about 12kms across beautiful villages and panoramic view of countryside across the river one reaches an old village market center called Dentam Bazar where the latest attraction is Alpine cheese factory of which the famous Swiss collaborated gouda cheese is all over in towns of India.

 One can quickly visit the temple in the main square and of course eat and drink at some restaurants, there. From there in a short distance of about 5kms towards Uttarey village is Singshore bridge the second highest in Asia, which was built about 16years ago The site has been provided with needed amenities for visitors. The bridge is being selected for bungy jumping to be started soon. A little ahead is Uttarey village which falls right near Nepal border named Chia Bhanjyang which is only a day walk from Uttarey. The Road is proposed to be taken soon to the border by the Defence inthe near future. Within the village of Uttarey only, there are interesting spots to visit like monastery, Subba village, and of course boating in Lake in future (not now). Besides Uttarey is take up point for trekking to Singalila Range which is one of the noted trekking sites in west Sikkim. There are restaurants and lodges too in the village.      


A four wheel drive from Lava and a near 1.5 hours journey with will take you to Changey Falls. The route breaks at around 4.5 km with one going to Neora Valley National Park entry point and the other leading to Kolakham. The distance of Changey Falls from Kolakham is around 4.5 kms.

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