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Immerse in this solace that Kutch offers in the form of Mamai Dev Kaliya Dhrow, a creation of Nature’s artistry. Also, the beauty of the versatile landscape of Gujarat is unveiled here, where the curiosity of Geo Tourism enthusiasts gets fed. Colloquially also known as the Grand Canyon of Gujarat, it should be surely on your itinerary while you're visiting the Kutch region of Gujarat. The river and the rock formations are adding immensely to the beauty of the place. Such rock formation which is referred to by herders here as 'Kotaro' in the local Kutchi language is formed through ages of exposure to strong wind and river flow. It comes under the list of a few unexplored places which was rarely on anyone's list of travel places a few years back.  This gem of a destination which Kutch as a region and Gujarat as a state offers has also been featured on a few International magazine's list of selective places to travel worldwide. Also, a great place for an adventurous or trekking experience, if one is especially fond of it. The place is serene and soothing and is among the few places which are considered 'untouched' by travel lovers. The varied colors of rocks and peaks found here are truly intriguing and a paradise for photographers too. 

(Visitors are requested to not litter the place. An off-road drive of 4-5 km should be expected, thus a vehicle with good ground clearance is recommended if traveling through the same. Jeeps are available locally. As crocodiles are spotted here, visitors should not try swimming.)


How to Reach

By Road  : State and Private buses service the city from all major parts of Gujarat. 

By Train : The Railway Station lies on the western railways network. 

By Air : From Bhuj, Kaliya Dhrow is around 35-40 kms, near Kodki village. Bhuj is well connected by air, rail and road. The Bhuj airport lies 4 km from the city and has ample domestic flights from major destinations in India. 

Nearby Attraction

  • Shard Bagh Palace
  • Kutch Museum
  • Bhartiya Sanskruti Darshan Museum 

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