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Welcome to Manvar. The last great frontier of the Thar Desert. Manvar's idyllic resort, desert camp, palatial luxury camp and exotic private camp are ideally located at the trifecta of Rajasthan's oldest cities. 110km from the fortress city of Jodhpur, 170km from the Golden city, Jaisalmer and 200km from the princely town of Bikaner with excellent roads and airports connecting to major Indian cities.


Manvar Luxury Camp:

An oasis of luxury has been crafted in the vivid dunes, where wind and sand dance together to create fluidic patterns. 100 acres of private estate, proliferated with indigenous scrub in the heart of Thar is home to Manv?r, Khagan of Luxury Camps .

The 10 Luxury Tents complete with a separate dining tent, offer an exclusive portal into the magic of Thar. Mirroring the vastness outside, the capacious tents are air-conditioned with large, indulgent baths.

Accoutered with two sit-outs, each tent offers a panoramic vista of the placid immensity, that is Thar. 

Manvar Resort:  At Manv?r Resort, flowering trees shade the dense and curated garden complete with lily ponds and pathways, for a moment creating an illusion of being elsewhere until you come to Anandgram, the cottages styled on traditional houses of deserts of Jodhpur.


Manvar Private Camp  - 


A moving camp set on the ever changing dunes, dancing to the tunes of desert winds singing songs of adventures of yore and yonder. Manv?r Private Camp is set up at some of the choicest locations in the 400+ acres of Manv?r Desert Reserve, a pristine expanse of desert with vistas that stretch to the horizon and clearest skies lit up by countless stars. 


Manvar Desert Camp 

The Desert way of Life

Located 6 km from our desert resort, amidst the wilderness and surrounded by sand dunes galore, is the splendour that is the Manvar Tented Desert Camp. Ephemeral beauty lies all around you. With stunning sunrises, mesmerizing sunsets and dazzling night skies, life in this peaceful wilderness is spectacularly elemental and extraordinarily silent – quite like the paradox that is India.



Milestone 110 from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, NH125, Khiyasariya, Rajasthan 342025

110km from the fortress city of Jodhpur, 170km from the Golden city, Jaisalmer and 200km from the princely town of Bikaner with excellent roads and airports connecting to major Indian cities.


Places to Visit:

Desert Excursion; the highlight of Manvar’s experiences

An enthralling drive in rugged four-wheel-drive jeeps, scrambling over dunes and crests in the Thar desert. Invariably,   

you will get stuck among the sand, and part of the fun is ‘digging out’ and enjoying the soft sand under your feet 

before you extract yourself and drive on.

A gentle drive of an hour and a half through the terrain. The desert safari is a great way to get a glimpse of Rajasthan’s wildlife at its best. The ever beautiful Chinkara (Indian Gazelle) and his harem wander freely across the plains and dunes, often dipping to drink within this conservation-led sanctuary resort. The rare Desert Fox might give us an appearance, thriving nowhere else in India but here. Herds of Chinkara dither about, looking for watering holes. And look to the sands for Saw Scaled Vipers, sand boas, and smaller such inhabitants. Undoubtedly one of the best Jodhpur and Jaisalmer desert safari experiences you’ll ever have.  

Camel Excursions

Coming all the way to the great Thar desert, and going back without a camel ride? It’s simply unthinkable. At Manvar, local camel owners are employed during the tourist season to take guests for a ride on the back of the desert’s most famous and iconic inhabitant - The Dromedary Camel. Camel excursions give guests an opportunity to see the splendour of the Thar Desert from a little higher up. The trained and veteran riders help guests take perch atop a sitting camel and soon after, these desert experts rise up and walk around. while the accompanying tour guide shares folk stories and interesting facts about this part of the Thar.


Authentic, rural Rajasthan

Village walks are an age-old tradition at Manv?r. The village walk is a small step in instilling a sense of pride in the village folk, and also encourages them to preserve, maintain and showcase their culture and way of life. To a rapidly modernizing world and its denizens who often seek a stress-free break from their bustling cities, the village walk at Manv?r is just a small window into a world of simplicity and adaptability.


More Wildlife From The Thar

We’ve discussed at length just how vivid the seemingly empty sands of the Thar really are when it comes to life. Despite being touted as barren, the Thar desert is home to around 50 species of reptiles, 140 species of birds and around 40 species of large and small mammals throughout the entire expanse. We have covered some of the species in the past from all taxa. Today we’d like to showcase a few more common species you can find around our desert camp in Jodhpur along with a few other locations you must venture to when on your Jodhpur trip. Along with this, we felt the need to emphasise that the desert is also a location that needs protection, and we talk about a special place to see in Jodhpur that deals with precisely that.


Manvar And Conservation:

With all these stories around our desert camp in Jodhpur to inspire us, it’s easy to see how our founder, Mr Moti Singh Rathore, was inspired to start Manvar. But his primary source of inspiration has been someone else who was fundamental in protecting India’s wildlife. Moti Singh’s uncle, Mr Fateh Singh Rathore, lovingly called the Tiger Man of India, instilled in Moti Singh, a love for wildlife at a very young age. Combined with an interest in preserving the desert frontier of life on this side of Rajasthan, Manvar was founded in 1999. Today, guests can experience a true desert experience and also the great environs where the wild of the Thar flourishes, both among the people of the Thar and in the wild dunes out in the expanse. A desert safari from our desert camp in Jodhpur will surely give you an idea of the kind of life Moti Singh Rathore is striving to protect.  


Manvar  Desert  Camp  

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