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July 17 By Bhavin Toprani


The pilgrim city of Nashik in Maharashtra is situated on the banks of River Godavari with more than a hundred ancient temples located in its vicinity. These temples commemorate the story of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana and its chief protagonist Rama’s sojourn in Nasik, such as Tapovan where he lived with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.


Take a leisurely evening walk by the Godavari river visiting some of these temples. Just across the river are the main ghats, Ram Kund and Lakshman Kund, where all pilgrims take a holy dip. Right next to the ghats are beautifully decorated stalls, selling idols of Gods and Goddesses made of silver and bronze, incense sticks, bronze containers, sandalwood-bead garlands, small metal bells, camphor tablets etc. A walk in this area is a great insight into how religion supports the livelihoods of the locals. End your evening walk at Ram Ghat by attending the evening Aarti which is a simple affair and later light an earthen lamp to let it float on the River Godavari.


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Our morning walk of Nashik will take you to the Saraf Bazaar Street which gets converted into one of the largest Flower Markets of Maharashtra every morning. There are various hues of marigolds, roses of every colour, gerbera, lilies and even orchids. There is an interesting heritage building located right in the middle of the Flower Market which is worth visiting in the morning. It is an 18th century mansion called ‘Sarkarwada’ belonging to the Peshwas, the erstwhile rulers of Nashik. This old mansion retains its grandness with its unique wooden carved courtyards, distinct carvings on outside walls and decorated windows. Since its windows are located in the east, the sunshine lights up the mansion beautifully in the morning. The Flower Market winds up by 9:00am every day as the shops of Saraf Bazar start opening for the day’s business.


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