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Grand Heritage Walk starts with the Special Masala HiTea of Nizam’s blend or an English HiTea, served either at Celeste, Gol Bungalow or Jade Terrace. Falaknuma Palace (India's one of the most Opulent Palaces) Perched 2,000 feet atop the City of Pearls, is indeed a mirror of the sky nestled among clouds is spread in 32 acres. This 1894 masterpiece has an elaborate design, eloquent stucco work and timeless elegance is like retracing the paths of Nizams, walking in step with the European royalty, feeling the presence of the flamboyant Begums, walking arm-in-arm with distinguished Heads of the State and walk the Kings way, slicing your path through the choicest architecture. A journey into the blue skies, into the glided ages of time immemorial, where grandeur and lavishness is all you see with the palace historian, Prabhakar Mahindrakar, A towering figure of a man, dressed in a flowing black sherwani, he walks softly over the rosewood parquet

Find the dining options at Taj Falaknuma Palace for your kind reference as below:


Indian fine dining serving Hyderabadi and  regional cuisine

Here, we re-create jewels from Princely Banquet Menus and our Grandmother’s repertoire using nouvelle culinary techniques and innovative artistry on plates.

  • Operational timings: Lunch: 12:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs and Dinner: 19:30 hrs - 22:45 hrs
  • Dress code: Semi formals
  • Includes a Heritage Trail of the Palace scheduled at 1500 hrs for Lunch and 1830 hrs for dinner seating


All day dining serving Italian, Mediterranean and South East Asian cuisine

a setting inspired by Renaissance era, where modern Italian and Mediterranean fare is speckled with flavours from the  South East Asia.

  • Operational timings: Lunch: 12:30 hrs- 14:45 hrs, and Dinner: 19:30 hrs- 22:45 hrs
  • Dress code: Semi formals.
  • A Private Dining option is simultaneously available for a group size between 15 to 25 guests. 

Gol Banglow (Non Exclusive)

The Gol Bungalow that forms the tail end of the palace has a dome structure with stained glass work along with an iron protrusion which seems like the sting of the scorpion. With breath taking views of the old city and the stained glass dome, makes this location a quintessential venue for romantic dinners, and a live Sufi Qawali performance at the venue brings the Nizam’s aura into life.

  • Operational timings: Dinner: 19:30 hrs- 22:45 hrs
  • Dress code: Semi formals.
  • The Heritage Trail of the Palace is scheduled 1830 hrs for dinner


Afternoon Tea at Celeste

  • Operational timings: Afternoon tea : 15:30 hrs – 17:00 hrs 
  • Dress code: Semi formals.





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