Shatabdi Express trains are  superfast passenger trains by  by Indian Railways  connecting between major cities of India. These trains are day trains with shorter distances comparable to overnight superfast trains like  Duronto and Rajdhani Express.  The trains connect 2 cities travelllers wanting to go for  business, tourism or pilgrimage. eg. If you want to reach from Chennai to Mysore same day just take morning Shatabadi. You will reach in some hours. These thrains have less stoppages  and runs high speed. 

Word Shatabdi is Hindi means  ‘centenary’  or the  hundredth anniversary.  The services were introduced in  1988 to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.  The very first Shatabdi Express, introduced by the then 

Railway Minister Madhav Rao Scindia, started first Shatabdi Express  Service between New Delhi and Gwalior popularly covering Agra Taj Mahal in a day trip for tourists. and was later extended till Jhansi to cover Orchha and Khajuraho. 

Currently, there are  around 25 Shatabdi Express trains operating between major Indian metros and cities. 

Features and Facilities of Shatabdi Express Trains 

Shatabdi Express are day trains returning to the same station by night. eg. Chennai-Mysore-Chennai, Mumbai-Ahmedbad- Mumbai,  New Delhi-Amritsar-New Delhi. 

These trains run at  120 km per hour with limited stops and good catering services. 

These trains have fully air-conditioned coaches comprising of CC - Chair Car 2 x 3 seating , EC - First Class 2 x 2 seating ,  EA - Executive Anubhuti class - 2 x 2 seating Luxury with LCD screen

Shatabadi train service includes all meals depending on the time you travel. In Morning you get breakfast, afternoon lunch, Evening snacks and night dinner with Aqua Bottle water etc. 

These train you can board only with confirmed reservation. and not waiting list or unreserved class. 

The trains also have onboard entertainment and announcement systems during the journey. 

Also all Shatabdi trains get preference and priority on railway tracks and they reach on time always. 

Shatabdi Express trains provides facilities to keep your luggage in the overhead racks like flight, charging ports for electronic gadgets. 

Also  Indian Railways follows the the flexi fare band system in the AC Chair Car (CC) class so it moves in specific price band and range depends on the demand on that day.  

Shatabdi Express Routes

As of now, around  20 Plus routes  of Shatabdi trains runs daily except not running on specific day for the train coaches overhaul and maintenance. The cities from where Shatabdi originates are New Delhi, Howrah, Amritsar, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kanpur, Guwahati, Coimbatore, Puri, Kalka, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Mysore, Ahmedabad, Secunderabad, and Ranchi, to mention a few. 

List of Shatabdi Express Trains

Here’s a complete list of Shatabdi trains running across the country, with timings, timetable



1Ndls Shatabdi E (12001)Bhopal JunctionNew Delhi22:4514:45YYYYYYY

2Bhopal Shtbdi (12002)New DelhiBhopal Junction14:0506:00YYYYYYY

3Lko Swran Shtbd (12003)Lucknow CharbaghNew Delhi22:0515:35YYYYYYY

4Lko Swran Shtbd (12004)New DelhiLucknow Charbagh12:3006:15YYYYYYY

5Kalka Shtbdi (12005)New DelhiKalka21:2017:15YYYYYYY

6Kalka Shtbdi (12006)KalkaNew Delhi10:2506:15YYYYYYY

7Shatabdi Exp (12007)Chennai CentralMysore Junction13:0006:00YYYNYYY

8Shatabdi Exp (12008)Mysore JunctionChennai Central21:2514:15YYYNYYY

9Shatabdi Exp (12009)Mumbai CentralAhmedabad Junction13:1006:25NYYYYYY

10Shatabdi Exp (12010)Ahmedabad JunctionMumbai Central21:3514:30NYYYYYY

11Kalka Shtbdi (12011)New DelhiKalka11:4507:40YYYYYYY

12Kalka Shtbdi (12012)KalkaNew Delhi21:5517:45YYYYYYY

13Amritsar Shtbdi (12013)New DelhiAmritsar Junction22:3516:30YYYYYYY

14Amritsar Shtbdi (12014)Amritsar JunctionNew Delhi11:1505:00YYYYYYY

15Ajmer Shtbdi (12015)New DelhiAjmer Junction12:4506:05YYYYYYY

16Ajmer Shtbdi (12016)Ajmer JunctionNew Delhi22:4015:45YYYYYYY

17Dehradun Shtbdi (12017)New DelhiDehradun12:4006:50YYYYYYY

18Dehradun Shtbdi (12018)DehradunNew Delhi22:4517:00YYYYYYY

19Satabdi Express (12019)Kolkata Howrah JunctionRanchi Junction13:1006:05NYYYYYY

20Shatabdi Expres (12020)Ranchi JunctionKolkata Howrah Junction21:1013:45NYYYYYY

21Shatabdi Express (12025)Pune JunctionSecunderabad Junction14:2005:50YYNYYYY

22Pune Shatabdi (12026)Secunderabad JunctionPune Junction23:1014:45YYNYYYY

23Shatabdi Exp (12027)Chennai CentralBangalore City Junction22:3017:30YYNYYYY

24Shatabdi Exp (12028)Bangalore City JunctionChennai Central11:0006:00YYNYYYY

25Swarna Shtbdi (12029)New DelhiAmritsar Junction13:3507:20YYYYNYY

26Swarna Shtbdi (12030)Amritsar JunctionNew Delhi23:0516:55YYYYNYY

27Amritsar Shtbdi (12031)New DelhiAmritsar Junction13:3507:20NNNNYNN

28Amritsar Shtbdi (12032)Amritsar JunctionNew Delhi23:0516:55NNNNYNN

29Cnb Ndls Sht (12033)Kanpur CentralNew Delhi11:1506:00NYYYYYY

30Ndls Cnb Sht (12034)New DelhiKanpur Central20:5015:55NYYYYYY

31Jp Af Shatabdi (12035)Jaipur JunctionAgra Fort10:3507:05YYYYNYY

32Af Jp Shatbdi (12036)Agra FortJaipur Junction22:2018:00YYYYNYY

33Ndls Ldh Shatabdi (12037)New DelhiLudhiana Junction12:2507:00YNYYYYN

34Ldh Ndls Shatabdi (12038)Ludhiana JunctionNew Delhi22:1016:40YNYYYYN

35Kgm Anvt Shatabdi (12039)KathgodamDelhi Anand Vihar Terminal21:1515:45YYYYNYY

36Anvt Kgm Shatabdi (12040)Delhi Anand Vihar TerminalKathgodam11:5006:15YYYYNYY

37Shatabdi Express (12041)Kolkata Howrah JunctionNew Jalpaiguri22:2014:15NYYYYYY

38Njp Hwh Shatabd (12042)New JalpaiguriKolkata Howrah Junction13:3505:35NYYYYYY

39Ndls Moga Shatabdi (12043)New DelhiMoga14:0507:00NYNNNNY

40Ndls Shatabdi (12044)MogaNew Delhi22:1015:00NYNNNNY

41Ndls Cdg Shatabdi (12045)New DelhiChandigarh Junction22:3519:15NYYYYYY

42Cdg Ndls Shatabdi (12046)Chandigarh JunctionNew Delhi15:2012:00NYYYYYY

43Shatabdi Express (12243)Chennai CentralCoimbatore Main Junction14:0507:15YYNYYYY

44Shatabdi Express (12244)Coimbatore Main JunctionChennai Central22:1515:20YYNYYYY

45Satabdi Express (12277)Kolkata Howrah JunctionPuri22:1014:25YYYNYYY

46Satabdi Express (12278)PuriKolkata Howrah Junction13:4506:00YYYNYYY

47Hwh Dgha Duront (12847)Kolkata Howrah JunctionDigha Flag Station14:1511:15YYYYYYY

48Dgha Hwh Duront (12848)Digha Flag StationKolkata Howrah Junction18:3515:35YYYYYYY

49Maitree Express BR (13107)Dhaca Cantt.Kolkata Chitpur18:1008:30NNYNNYN


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