Kadambavanam Cultural Centre and Ethnic Resort - Madurai / Tamil Nadu Kadambavanam Cultural Centre Kadambavanam  invites you to an evening of cultural activities capturing the different facets of the ‘Tamil People’. As you enter the centre under the auspices of Veera Ayyanaar, the village deity of prosperity and valour, get ready for an evening of fun, entertainment and information.



Kadambavanam Cultural Centre

Catch the village folk playing native games & sports and participate in a host of traditional games such as Kittipul, Pandi, Golli gundu (Marbles) or Pallanguli. Astrology is part and parcel of Tamil tradition. Take a peek into your future with the kai rekai josier (palmist) or kili josier (with a parrot as fortune teller).  

Witness the “Sayaratchai’ evening pooja at our temple complex which has a pantheon of Hindu  Gods where the festivity as marked for the day in the Hindu calendar will be highlighted. An over view of spiritual practices followed in Tamil Nadu and the gist of Hinduism are explained.

Heralded by the traditional murasu (an ancient drum), you can enter our auditorium at 6 pm and get ready to feast your senses on the highly evolved classical arts. The classical dance representative of Tamilnadu  is known as Bharathanatiyam. This divine dance form with its graceful movements and beautiful costumes is sure to capture the fascination of viewers.

The soul stirring Carnatic music is the classical music of our region. This is presented briefly to the audience either as a vocal recital or as an instrumental performance through a veena violin or flute recital.

The evening’s presentation is enriched and made more interesting by the compering in English explaining the history and meaning of the various art forms presented. From classical arts meant for a higher plane of consciousness, we take you to the other end of the spectrum – folk arts – an integral part of everyday life in the villages. Treat yourselves to a variety of colorful Tamil folk arts such as Karagam, Kavadi, Oyilattam, Thappattam, Poikkal kudhirai to name a few and let ‘the beat of the Thappu drum get to you. Sample TAMIL martial arts such as Silambattam or Varmakalai – self defense techniques unique to Tamilnadu, that are practiced more as an art form today.

Watch ‘Thorpavai Koothu’ an ancient art form of puppetry theatre using props made of goat hide, depicting stories mostly from the Ramayana at our charming puppetry theatre. Visit the ‘Snack bar’ and sample Tamil snacks prepared in extremely hygienic condition like muruku, thattai, athirasam and wash it down with a degree kapi (rich aromatic South Indian coffee) or a cooling herbal drink such as Thamarai poo theneer (lotus flower tea). Complete the Tamil experience with dinner  at our ‘Unavukudil’ (Dining Pavilion). A set menu of typical Tamil vegetarian fare (many of which cannot be had at regular restaurants) is prepared and served the traditional way with warmth and care.


Kadambavanam Ethnic Resort

At Kadambavanam we repeat this small ritual in front of your hut and would like to share the meaning behind many a traditional ritual followed by Tamil households. 

Nestled in the lap of Mother nature, it is the perfect place for  physical and mental rejuvenation. Just breathing in the pure, fresh air  is enough to calm your senses and  you can extend the tranquility by attending a morning session on  Yoga and Meditation at our yoga pavilion.

Enjoy the countryside at leisure and go for a village walk and observe rural living in the small hamlets around. Explore Madurai’s colorful history  by taking detours to several lesser known places in and around that are steeped in tradition and mythology. Discover more about our culture, spiritual practices and our language through discourses and dialogue with eminent scholars. A well stocked reading lounge and audio visual library with an impressive collection of materials relating to our heritage and customs, including classic old Tamil movies completes the experience. Special packages for Health and Rejuvenation and Cultural Retreats can be tailor made for groups on request. Outbound camps for corporate and value camps for students are being conducted.

Unavagam - The Ethnic Resort features a scenic Unavagam (eatery) elevated 100’ above the site abutting a small hillock, offering a fabulous view of the surrounding greenery. It is a semi open multi level multi cuisine eatery, with customized dining areas for different sizes of groups with a few romantic corners as well.

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