Visit to Sham Valley - Leh

April 12 By July 2018, By Ajay Babla

Namra Valley

Also popularly known as the Sham Valley.

Ladakh region is an arid dessert with no trees at all. In this small town in Namra I came across this wonderful and scenic green patch.

This looked like Switzerland to me.


Some of the Accommodation Options in and Around Leh to Choose and recommended : 

Premium: Chamba  Camp Thiksey near Leh

Luxury - Grand Dragon Leh 

Deluxe - WH Lah-Risa Resort 

On the Way to Alichi - Nimmu House - Premium Homestay - Recommended to stay here in Tents 

Alichi - Ule Ethenic Resort - in Orchards 

wonderful  Sham Valley  Namra Valley