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Destination:   Chamba
Destination Type:   Cities
City:   Himachal
Country:   India

Kinnaur the land of fairy tales and fantasies, has a spectacular terrain of lush green valley, orchards, vineyards, snow clad peaks and cold desert mountains. It is a border district of Himachal Pradesh. Kinnaur is also rich in flora & fauna. The culture and language is different from other parts of the state. Kinnaur, the tribal district of Himachal Pradesh, lies 250 km away from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh and is situated on the NH - 22 (Hindustan Tibet Road). The landscape of the area varies from lush green orchards of the scenic Sangla Valley to the stark magnificence of the Hangrang Valley. The massive snow clad ranges that provide a regal dignity to the scene are dominated by the peak of Kinner Kailash. Kalpa is one of the biggest and beautiful villages of Kinnaur. One can enter Kinnaur district at Village Chshora and follow a straight line road constructed in vertical rock and it is a rare treat to travel on this road which is a great engineering feat.

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Dharamshala Airport 127 kms

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is Pathankot 121 kms

By Road : You can easily get regular buses to Chamba from other major cities of the country.

Laxmi Narayan Temple Complex : With six main Shikhara style temples and several smaller shrines, this is renowned for its finely executed classical forms.

Hari Rai Temple : This is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and dates back to the 11th Century.

Other Temples : The profusion of temples in Chamba and their craftsmanship is remarkable. Some important shrines are Champavati, Vijreshwari, Sui Mata and Chamunda Devi.

The Chowgan : Chamba's wide concourse is the hub of much of towns activity and also serves as its promenade.

Rangmahal : This old palace is an interesting mix of colonial and local architectural styles.

Akhand Chandi Palace :  Now a college, this imposing building once housed Chamba's ruling family. Much of the original craftsmanship can still be seen.

Bhuri Singh Museum : Named after Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba, this is a treasure house of Chamba's rich past. The exhibits include copper plates, murals, doorways, costumes, paintings and stone carvings.

ST. Andrews Church : Over a century old, this is a charming dressed stone structure with lancet windows.

Bharmour : Its 84 ancient temples at a height of 2141m are well known. It is also the summer home of the nomadic Gaddi people.

Manimahesh : This sacred lake (4183m) is associated with Lord Shiva and is a site of annual pilgrimage from mid of August to mid of September each year. Distance from Bharmaur is 28 Km.

Chatrari : An attractive temple to Shakti Devi is located here.

Visit Khajjiar Lake , Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary &  Chamera Dam


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