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Destination:   Cuttak
Destination Type:   Cities
City:   Cuttack
Country:   India

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Bhubaneshwar Airport 30 kms

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is Cuttack

By Road : You can easily get regular buses to Cuttack from other major cities of the country.

Cuttack, the former capital and one of the oldest cities of Orissa is the administrative headquarters of the district. The town is situated at the apex of the delta formed by the rivers Mahanadi in the North and Kathajodi in the South. It serves as a convenient base for touring the various places of interest in the district.


Stone Revetment of Cuttack : The river banks of Cuttack are protected by stone revetment, a great engineering marvel of the 11th century A.D. and a remarkable example of ancient technological skill of Orissa.

Madhusmruti : Madhusmruti, the 'Karma Bhumi' or residence of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das, is located at Cuttack. Madhusudan Das lived in this place from 1892 to 1934, till his death. Presently the building is used as the administrative block of the S.B. Women's College.The building has two floors with a portico on the eastern side. One wooden staircase is found on the left of the verandah abutting the portico leading to the 1st floor. There is a balcony found on the north side supported with iron pillars and iron parapet. There is another wooden staircase found on the western side of the building. There are ten rooms and a big hall found in the ground floor whereas there are eight rooms of varying sizes found on the first floor along with an open terrace, above the big hall found in the ground floor.Madhusudan Das was born in 1848 at Satyabhamapur village of Cuttack district. He had his early education in the village, Cuttack Zilla School and Calcutta University. He was the first Graduate of Orissa from Calcutta University in 1870. He did his M.A. and Law Degree later and he was a flourishing lawyer in the Patna High Court.Inside two bigger rooms located on the western side of the 1st floor are found the articles and objects used by Late Madhusudan Das, during his residence at this place. These material objects include photographs, paper manuscripts, earthenware, textiles, wooden objects, clay objects, glass painting and other ethnographic materials. Some of these have been placed inside showcases and the rest are placed on tables, bedsteads, beds and wooden benches.It is said about Late Madhusudan Das, that he was born as a man but died as an institution.

The Swarajya Ashram : The Swarajya Ashram is located on the Kathajodi river front. It is an old building and it has historical significance and importance for its association with the Freedom Movement in Orissa and the Congress party and well known leaders of Orissa in the Freedom Movement. The original building is found at the centre, built in two storied during the colonial period. There is another two storied block behind the building. It is a protected monument under the State Archaeology.

Barabati Fort : The ruins of Barabati Fort with its moat and gate and the excavated palace complex and base of the Ganga period temple lie on the bank of the river Mahanadi as the silent witness of the vicissitudes of Orissan history. This historical fort has been the capital of ancient and medieval Orissa and the famous Ganga kings like Anangabhima III, Narasimha I, Kapilendradeva, Purushottamadeva and Prataparudradeva had ruled their vast empire from this place. It is a protected monument under the Arachaeological Survey of India.

Temple of Cuttack Chandi : Being the shrine of the presiding deity of the city, the temple of Cuttack Chandi is normally visited by every Hindu visitor. 

Qadam I Rasool : Cuttack town enjoyed for a pretty long time the honour of being the seat of Political authority of the Muslims in Orissa. During the period numerous Muslim monuments have built at Cuttack. The Qadam-I-Rasool is a monument of beauty built by Shujaddin Khan. At four corners of its high compound wall are four small yet strong towers constructed out of chiselled stone. It is adorned with four flat domes and pucca pavements from all direction of the grave yard to the main octagonal building with magnificent dome in the centre. It contains the foot print of the Prophet engraved in a circular stone. The dome outside is adorned with a golden pinnacle.

Shahi Mosqu : The Shahi Mosque is situated inside the Barabati Fort. In structure it is similar to the Ujale Khan Mosque at Mohammadia Bazar. All these Mosque are adorned with beautiful domes on hexagonal base. Stones and tiles are used in construction of the Mosque. It seems that during the British rule of Orissa it was used as a Magazine as it is aparent from the two Mehrabs on the flanks which are closed with bricks.

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