Fernando's Nostalgia A Traditional Goan Restaurant at Salcete Goa

If the upkeep of tradition is your forte, in this age of quick and frenzied pace, and you wish to have an excellent laid - back meal, to revive nostalgic memories of Goan Cuisine of the days, your grandpa fancied grandma , drive down to the hottest new spot, aptly named Nostalgia and situated at Uzro-Raia-Salcete-Goa.


This unique project conceived and planned by Executive Chef Fernando da Costa alias Ferdy and executed by his late brother Arch. Oscar DA Costa is an artist’s dream. Chef Fernando highly educated and vastly experienced in food affairs, is also the proprietor of this, perhaps, last vestige of tradition in Goan Cuisine in Goa.


The restaurant has, within a short span of time, created a great amount of goodwill and has carved a niche for itself among Corporate clients also, and to add a feather to its cap, has recently embarked on outdoor catering for home and industrial parties and weddings anywhere in Goa, providing A to Z in Food and Service in buffet and Volante styles with very attractive financial packages. Besides its also been selected as the exclusive restaurant for its V.I.P clients visiting Goa, by reputed Travel and Tour operatorswho have had a few parties, and were highly appreciative of the standards of food quality, hygiene and service.


As Chef Fernando explains, there is a lot of inputs, physical, financial and mental to get a place like Nostalgia on a sound footing. To assist him, his devoted wife Margarida plays a major role in the day to day upkeep of Nostalgia, specially as regards to the housekeeping and staff welfare. Together they wish every guest relives "Nostalgia" in Goan cuisine for years to come. They may be 


Nostalgia opens from 11.00 am onwards everyday of the week.


The menu, an innovation in itself is pleasantly handwritten on a cooking vessel lid, and as Chef Fernando explains has become a collector’s item with many disappearing unnoticed. But that doesn’t upset him as the smile on his face depicts it all - a calm disposition.


The restaurant "A la carte" menu which has a vast variety of seafood specialities caters exclusively to Goan food such as Caldeirada, Caldinho, Panados, Rolados, Xacutis, Vindalhos, Cafreal, Recheiados, Feijoada, Balchao, Ambot-tik, Rosachi Codi, Moongancheo Ganteo, Hotcottem, Sukem, Chouli Ros, besides a large number of appetizing snacks, soups and salads including the famous Kishmur, yet Chef Fernando well versed as he is in culinary expertise, is not averse to prepare Chinese, Indian or Continental dishes for special occasions and parties. 


This restaurant is probably among the very few eating houses, that serves freshly made sannas with sorpotel and bakes the great dessert "Bolo Sansrival" which is practically non-existent in Goa anymore.


A mention has to be definitely made of Nostalgia’s ever willing and courteous waiters attired in the Kumbi Saree cloth Kurta Pyjama, and the music which are recordings by Goan artists. During the peak season from November, the entertainment is enhanced with live performances atleast thrice a week by famous Goan musicians and stage artists.


Fernando's Nostalgia A Traditional Goan Restaurant at Salcete Goa

Fernando's Nostalgia A Traditional Goan Restaurant at Salcete Goa

Fernando's Nostalgia A Traditional Goan Restaurant at Salcete Goa

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