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Destination:   Gedee Car Museum in Coimbatore
Destination Type:   Museum
City:   Coimbatore
Country:   India

#734 President Hall, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore

GopalswamyDoraiswamy Naidu (a.k.a. G D Naidu) was one of the icons of Coimbatore, the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. He was a well-known scientist, inventor educationalist and philanthropist, titled ‘the Edison of India’, who played a role in various developments in the city and the nation, including industries and infrastructure.

He had a strong affinity towards automobiles and he was one of the very few people to own a Rolls Royce (in around 1935), which was gifted to him. His car collection is now put on show along with a lot of wheels from all over the world, at the new Geedee Car Museum.

Geedee Car Museum houses every significant development in car industry, from a replica of the first automobile in the world (1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen), to recent racing cars. There are over 70 models on display, of which around 30 are from G D Charitable Trust’s collection. And they are arranged chronologically, with documentation explaining the evolution of automobile industry as a whole.

Some of the historically significant cars in the Gedee Car Museum include Rolls Royce 20 owned by the Mysore Maharaja, McDowell 1000 designed by legendary Indian racer from Coimbatore, S Karivardhan, and 1908 Ford T (the first mass produced car), among others, many of which were donated to the museum by auto aficionados from different cities across India. There are some contributions from the United States and Germany as well.

The main objective of the museum is that the students and general public, who see these cars, should also learn about technology behind it and the person responsible for such innovations, either in design or engineering or in workmanship etc. and this museum tries to give as much information as in necessary, to highlight the men behind the marvels. It is the desire of Sri G D Naidu that students should get inspired by these examples and he started thinking that if in the late 18th century people could create such wonders even without much facility and technology advancement why can’t they think of such revolutionary ideas?

The car collection has been categorized into few sections. The unique car section has five cars which revolutionised and influenced automotive technology such as the Benz motorwagen(the first ever car in the world), Ford-T (The first mass produced car in the early 1990), The Volkswagen Beetle (first rear engine car), Hitler's people car, and the Morris Mini (the forerunner of today's cars)


Tuesday - Saturday - 9.00am to 5.00pm

Sunday - 10.00am to 6.00pm

Monday and Public Holiday – Closed

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Coimbatore

By Rail: The Nearest Railway Station is Coimbatore Main Junction (CBE), Coimbatore North Junction (CBF), Podanur Junction (PTJ), Pilamedu (PLMD)

By Road: You can easily get regular buses to Coimbatore from other major cities of the country.

Perur Temple: This Temple is 7 kms from Coimbatore Railway Station and was constructed by KarikalCholan over 1500 years ago. There are shrines to the presiding deity Patteeswarar and his consort Pachainayaki and some elegantly carved sculptures in the Kanagasabai hall. Devotees flock to this temple in hundreds during the PanguniUthiram festival which is celebrated in March every year.

Marudhamalai Temple: Dedicated to Lord Subramanya, this hilltop temple is one of the most visited temples in the region, the reason being that the residing deity Dandayuthapani is believed to have performed several miracles here. Thai Poosam and Tirukarthigai festivals are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at this temple. Marudhamalai is 12 kms from the Railway Station.

Agricultural University: One of the best institutions of its kind in South Asia, the Agricultural University was originally established as an Agriculture Farm in Saidapet, Chennai. The location was moved to Coimbatore in 1907 and the name was changed to Agricultural College which later, came to be known as the Agricultural University. It is 5 kms away from the Railway Station.

O C Park: Named after the freedom fighter V.O. Chidambaram, this park is maintained by the Corporation. There is a mini-zoo and joy train in the park.  

Forest College: One of the oldest institutions of its kind in the country, the Forest College is situated 3.5 kms. North of the Railway Station. The College Museum is worth a visit. It trains Forest rangers.

G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition: The late Thiru G.D. Naidu was a born technocrat. He was a legend in his own lifetime. He had made invaluable contributions to automobile, electronics, mechanical and agricultural sectors. He had also established an Industrial Exhibition.

Bhavani (121 kms): The Sangameshwarar temple at Bhavani is situated at the confluence of the rivers Bhavani and the Cauvery. This place is called as "Tiruveni of South India". It is an important pilgrim centre. Lord Sangameshwarer with His consort Vedanayaki is the presiding deity. It is said that during the East India Company regime the then Collector of Coimbatore and Salem Districts, William Garrow, who had his headquarters at Bhavani, worshipped the Goddess Vedanayaki. One night the Goddess directed him in his dream to vacate his bungalow immediately. The moment he vacated, the entire bungalow collapsed. In reverence of this miracle, he presented to the temple an ivory cradle which is still in the temple with his signature.

Vaideki Water Falls: It is located 30 kms. from Coimbatore via. Narasipuram village. It is a fine picnic spot for trekkers. A perrennial water falls is a major attraction here.

Black Thunder: A water theme park named "Black Thunder" is located about 8 kms. fromMettupalayam - OotyGhat Road at the foot hills of Nilgiris. It is a fine amusement park and said to be the Asia's number one theme park. Numerous tourists are visiting this place and the entrance fee is Rs. 150/-.


Visit Dhyanalinga Temple, ArulmiguPatteeswararSwamy Temple, Brookefields Mall, Monkey Falls

Gedee Car Museum in Coimbatore

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