The Osho Commune International at Pune-Maharashtra is the place to take a holiday from the external stresses of life and nourish the soul. It is located in a beautiful campus of marble walkways, waterfalls and tropical gardens with exotic plants - a spiritual oasis offering a multitude of possibilities for inner discovery and exploration. Thousands of visitors from all parts of the world and every religious tradition come to visit. They come to take part in the meditations, various courses offered by the eight faculties of the Osho Multiversity and to experience work as a meditation. These programs provide an opportunity to experience a range of tools for personal transformation, in one place, unavailable anywhere else. Since Osho left his body on January 19 1990, the expansion of his work continues on a wider scale than ever. 

The Expansion: 


Over the last two years, the number of people visiting the Osho Commune International has increased by 50 %. During a recent sample period it was found that 50 % visitors came for the first time of which 88 % were non-sannyasins. The Osho Commune International is continuously expanding and has doubled in area in the last 3 years and quadrupled in the last six.


Visitors Age, Educational Background & Nationality: 


The average age is 35 to 45. The sample showed that 34 % held university degrees, 30 % had graduated from other academies (art, music, theater, social sciences, and commerce), and 30 % had entered work life after completing high school. 9 % were in the medical professions, 11 % in business and management, 10 % were artists. 11 % in education, 13 % in therapy, 15 % in professional services, 9 % in technology and science.


The percentage of Indians visiting the commune is around 40 %. There has been an increase in the number of Indian participants to 112 % over the last 3 years. In addition to the increasing number from India itself, visitors are drawn to the commune from all over the world; at any time people from more than 101 countries are meditating and contributing to the work together. 


Of the religious backgrounds of Osho's disciples, some 20 % are Jewish, 40 % are Christian, about 35 % Hindu, 5 % Shinto/Buddhist, and 5 % from other religious beliefs.


Today, there are 750 Osho Meditation Centers in 80 different countries. The Osho Times International, published simultaneously in 6 languages, is distributed worldwide. 


New Developments


A whole precinct of pyramids for meditation has arisen, along with India's most praised venture in landscaping - Osho Teerth - that transformed a stinking refuse rivulet into a breath-taking 12-acre Zen garden. A beautiful swimming lagoon and sports facility has been created, incorporating Osho's vision of Zorba the Buddha. An organic farming project run by the Commune both provides an abundance of vegetables and a pioneering model that addresses the agricultural problems of developing countries. 


On September 29, 97, Osho Commune International unveiled the drawings for two new construction projects in the area of the commune known as Osho Mahakashyapa. One of the projects is Osho Dharamsala. Dharamsala means " a place for seekers on the path". The Dharamsala will have six floors, with the exterior of the building sheeted in blue reflective glass. All room will have attached bathrooms. The project is a beautiful new Osho Mandir Auditorium. The meditation hall will be one and a halve times the size of the present Gautama the Buddha Auditorium (Buddha Hall). It will be sound proofed, with a air-conditioning, air-purification, a multidimensional lighting system, satellite relay hook up; and with lockers, toilets and showers nearby. At the same time a new ultramodern 20,000 sq.ft air-conditioned kitchen will be built, with a terraced outdoor eating area. Construction is to be completed in time for the Osho Commune Millennium Celebration. 


Cultural Mecca


There are frequent creative performances at the Commune. Top Indian artists, ranging from the world-renowned flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia, Grammy Award winner Vishwa Mohan Bhatt to tabla-wizard Ustad Zakir Hussein, have been visiting the Osho Commune Pune to show their love and respect for Os

Osho Commune-Pune

  • Holy Places: 
  • Shirdi
  • Kurukshetra Land of Geeta
  • Nashik
  • Anand Pur Saheb


Osho Commune-Pune

Osho Commune-Pune