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Destination:   Siliguri
Destination Type:   Cities
City:   Siliguri
Country:   India
Mount Embassy Hotel Siliguri West Bengal

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Bagdogra Airport 10 kms

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri 12 kms

By Road : You can easily get regular buses to Siliguri from other major cities of the country.

Siliguri is the gateways to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal, Dooars, Bhutan and most of the North-East states of India. Although Siliguri by itself is not a tourist spot and it is more of a transit point with very strong road, rail, air links. The tourists has to come to Siliguri since New Jalpaiguri railway station (NJP), the main railhead of the region,  and Bagdogra Airport, the airport catering to the region  with connections to Calcutta, Delhi. and Guwahati are near this city. 


Siliguri is the commercial capital of North Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Hosts to over 5 lakhs domestic and 15000 foreign visitors, excluding the people of Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal, who visit Siliguri regularly both for business as well as for leisure.


Siliguri is the major trade centre for the North-East and eastern Nepal; a real boom city, cycle-rickshaws dominate the roads and there are large number of buses and jeeps plying to different tourist destinations of the region. The main national highways of this region pass through Siliguri. Bus services to all the neighboring places and states is available from Siliguri. Bus services to Bhutan are also there.


Geographically the location of Siliguri is unique in that by only half an hour's drive one will reach center of dense forest or start climbing the hills. Meandering roads to Kalimpong or Gangtok running parallel to the River Teesta or Rangit with its rapids and falls is one of the finest stretch of landscape in the world. Cluster of hill stations around Siliguri will make any country proud. Once you leave the plains and start climbing you enter a different domain altogether.


The surrounding areas of the city are beautiful. The Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is 18 km from the city (Permits are required). The Coronation Bridge (Sevoke Bridge) is an important bridge of the north east. There are a number of good hotels in the city.


Nature Interpretation Centre : Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary Nature is presented as an exhibition. Entry permit for Mahananda weir, Sukna are issued.

Mahananda Weir wild life Sanctuary, Sukna : 18 km from Siliguri, a place, deep inside forest & nature a good picnic spot.

Madhuban Park : A park, developed by Indian Army, is an excellent picnic spot.

Umrao Singh Boat Club, Sukna : Umrao Singh Boat Club, Sukna, a Boat Club, developed by Indian Army. Different size & shapes of boats are available for tourists.

Passing through Tea Gardens : The whole of sightseeing trip pass through tea gardens. If you are interested, you can observe tea processing also. 

Visit to Salugara Monastery : His eminence Kalu Rinpoche has constructed a one hundred foot stupa, which contains five types of relics and is an object of veneration which will bring liberation to any one who sees it.

Visit to Kalchakra Monastery : Kalchakra was 1st time organised in Salugara in December 96. 

Teesta view Point, Sevoke : The Teesta river is the life line of the Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalayas. Bird watching is possible. 

Kali Mandir : Kali Mandir, a Hindu Temple near Sevoke, an abode of the living goddess Kali. The famous Kali Mandir is frequented by newly wedded couples seeking the blessing of the Goddess Kali for an happy married life.

Monkey Point  : Before reaching Coronation Bridge, you will run into groups of friendly monkeys. These monkeys can be hand fed bread, bananas or tidbits.

Coronation Bridge : Between Salugara & Kalijhora is the Sevoka Bridge, built in 1930, a relic of British Excellence in design & architecture. While crossing the bridge on foot cut out the nature adds colour to pleasure.

Hong Kong Market : For purchase of foreign goods, it is the best place around. For people, who cannot go to Dhulabari, Nepal, this is a market of great charm  a large variety of imported goods are available at reasonable prices. The prices are cheaper by 30% in comparison to Calcutta and 40% in comparison to Delhi and Bombay.

Consumer Goods Market : Seth Srilal Market and Hill Cart Road have some big consumer goods shops, which stock large varieties of mercantile. The people of North Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh regularly visit Siliguri for purchasing. Prices are competitive and bargaining is negligible. 

Railway Exhibition : For seeing Steam Engines of narrow gauge 'c' Class, a relic of British Raj, Siliguri Junction is to be visited.

Art Gallery : Regular art exhibitions are being held in Siliguri. The most important and regular site of Art Exhibition is Dina Bandhu Manch. 

ISKCON Hare Krishna Mandir : A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The ISKCON CENTRE in Siliguri is being labelled as the biggest Krishna Centre in the whole of the North East.Lord Krishna had gone into hiding in the jungles of Baikunthapur with Rukmini at one time so Siliguri was the first choice of Iskon for making this biggest Krishna Centre in the Northeast.

Visit City Centre , The Science City & Savin Kingdom