Destination Details
Destination:   Tatta-pani - Himachal Pradesh
Destination Type:   Cities
City:   Himachal
Country:   India

State Himachal Pradesh 


City Shimla 


Airports Shimla 


Distance from Ambala 166 Km/ 103 Mile 


Railway Junctions Kalka 


Local Languages Pahari ,Hindi 


Tatta-pani - Tatta pani meaning hot water, is localed 55 kms from Shimla. These hot water springs are situated on the bank of Sutleg river. The river is at 4-5 deg. celsius while the springs are at 60-70 deg. celsius. So you have to mix both waters to enjoy the bath. 

The best part is that very few tourists visit this place. Nearby there is another newly discovered spot called Shiv-Gufa (cave). This is an place with breathtaking prestine beauty and is not a common stop for tourists. You have to go through some 700 steps down to the hidden cave on the bank of a river surrounded by tall cliffs on all sides.


If you go to Shimla try to see some places like the two I have just described and Nanda devi, rather than freaking about in the Mall and Ridge. I bet you will have better time in these remote places and feel the harmony in nature. Nanda delvi is a peak near Shimla and offers a lonely and extremely beautiful sunset.


Some other interesting places are Dehradoon for its Forest Research Institute (see pictures in Photography section), Musoorie for Kempty falls and Sahastra Dhara, VishakhaPattanam for its prestine beaches and splendid nearby places like Arku Valley and Barra Caves (limestone caves), Goa - for its beaches, water sports and wine.




In the future, if the almighty allows, I wish to go to at least Patalkot, Sunderban, Laddakh and Mansarovar. Patalkot is a remote village near Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. The tribal village is the deepest in in India, surrounded by 400 m cliffs all around giving it the appearance of a bowl. Sunderban Delta is the biggest in the world and home for Royal Bengal Tiger. A five day ferry trip to Sunderban is operated from Calcutta and the time to go there is winter. You can fine crocodiles, tigers, snakes and other wild life in these mangroves. I have been planning to go to Laddakh for the last two years but some how it hasn't realised, though I am sure I will make it. Mansarovar is my ultimate dream till now and I am saving to go to Kailash-Mansarovar - it costs aroud 40,000 rupees per head in this Govt. organised trip. 


Tatta-pani - Himachal Pradesh 

Tatta-pani - Himachal Pradesh 

Tatta-pani - Himachal Pradesh

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