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Destination:   Toranmal Near Dhule
Destination Type:   Hill Station
City:   Dhule
Country:   India

Distance from Mumbai : 460 km.


Air: Nearest airports – Aurangabad, Surat ( Gujarat )

Railway :State transport buses ply from Nandurbar, Dondaicha railway stations for Shahada which 30 km from there. One can take State transport buses or private vehicles from Shahada to Toranmal, which is 47 km from Shahada.

Road: Toranmal is 4 km away on Shahada-Dhadgaon road from Toranmal phata

Toranmal (Nandurbar) Near Dhule : If one wishes to enjoy genuine beauty of nature, cool comfort in the snugness of mountains, and virgin beauty of a glittering lake, one must visit Toranmal, which is situated in the ranges of the Satpuda ranges. The place looks unforgettably fascinating during the monsoon. Toranmal reminds tourists of Mahabaleshwar even during the scorching summer heat of Khandesh. The bountiful beauty of nature and the innumerable  lotuses blooming in the Lotus Lake give a feeling to the tourists that they have certainly entered into a 'different' world.

One has to take the Dhulia – Dondaicha – Shahada – Dhadgaon route to reach Toranmal. We enter into the Satpuda ranges after travelling a little distance north from Shahada, and we start experiencing rather different surroundings around us.

Toranmal is a natural tourist spot situated in the 3rd and the 4th row of the Satpudas. The place located 1150 metres (3770 feet) above the sea-level is spread over about 41 sq. km. Set between two hills, the place resembles a huge saucer. The chief attraction here is the Yashwant Lake which is around 27 metres deep and is spread over 1.5 km. Tourists are bound to simply forget themselves in the tranquil, transparent and enrapturing surroundings of the lake. The veritable chirping of birds add a sweet melody to the experience.

Another similar lake, Lotus Lake is to be seen on the north of Yashwant Lake. Befitting its name, the lake is full of blossoming lotuses that make the spectacle memorable. A waterfall which comes rolling down from a cliff into a valley nearby completes the picture. The fall which is called Seetakhai, flows in its full grandeur during the monsoon.

The ancient temples in the area around add to the attraction of the region. There is an ancient temple of the goddess Torna after whom the place has got its name Toranmal, they say. Additionally, the Nagarjun temple, located on the hill-slope, is also a very architecturally sculpted edifice. The temple has been rock-cut in a hill, and the stream of water which keeps trickling down from the rocks makes it unique. Hence the visiting tourists visit the Nagarjun temple first, and then set out on their tour to the other places.

In addition to these holy temples, there is an ancient temple of Gorakhnath here, where an annual fair is held on every Mahashivratra. Devotees from all over Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh gather here on the occasion. These fairs make tourists acquainted with the various aspects of the culture of the tribal Jeensa people. The cave of Machchindranath is a popular tourist spot at this place.

Various 'points' and spots at Toranmal add to the tourists' enjoyment here. More and more tourists seem to be crowding at the Sunset and Khadki points. They simply lose themselves in the scenic, clean and verdant environments at Toranmal.

Akka Rani's Mahal

There is Akka Rani's Mahal (palace) on Dhadgaon road ahead of Toranmal. It is said that Akka Rani was Maharana Pratap's sister and she had built a palace in the surroundings of the Satpudas as her residence. Its relics can be seen there today. The relics still show the beautiful remains of the original carvings. The area is quite charming.




On Dondaicha-Shahada road, there is a famous Lord Datta temple at Sarangkheda. The annual market of horses here is famous in the region. People from far and wide come to this market for buying and selling of horses. On the same road ahead, is a place called Prakasha which has attained reputation as a holy place for the confluence of three rivers here.




At Nandurbar, one can witness several aspects of the local tribal culture here. Moreover, one can visit the memorial of the martyr Shirishkumar, who laid down his life in the Independence Struggle.

On of the most popular attractions here is the Yashavant Lake. 


There is another lake called the Lotus lake because of the number of lotus blossoms.


People also go to the Shiva Temple on route to Sita or Sidha Khai, the waterfall.


There are also many caves here such as the Machhindranath Cave, which attract visitors.

Toranmal Near Dhule

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