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Destination:   Udupi
Destination Type:   Holy Places
City:   Udupi
Country:   India

Approximately 60km from Mangalore is the Vaishnavite pilgrimage town of Udupi. This was the sanctum of Madhwacharya, the great Sanskrit philosopher. It is as much renowned for its chefs, cuisine, and restaurants, as it is for its Krishna Temple and various maths. Don't forget to receive your blessing from Lord Krishna at the Kanakana Kindi - a small window through which Lord Krishna is believed to have given darshan to his ardent devotee, Kanakadasa, a saint-minstrel. The colourful Paryaya Festival, when officiating priests hand over their responsibilities to other pontiffs, beckons thousands of devotees from all over the country every alternate year.

  • By Air : The Nearest Airport is Mangalore Airport 55 kms 
  • By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is Udupi 
  • By Road : There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Udupi.
  • Udipi Sri Krishna Temple : Udupi is a divine shrine in the coastal region of Western Ghats. Situated about 60 kms from Mangalore, it is a fairly large and upcoming town that was sanctum of Madhvacharya, the great Sanskrit Philosopher. The famous temple here, has a fascinating idol of Lord Krishna that is richly adorned with jewels. It is the center for education, social and religious activities in the district of South Canara. It is known for the famous Sri Krishna Temple.The reasons for its fame are the statue of Sri Krishna installed by the great saint Sri Madhvacharya and the penance and influence of Sri Vaadiraja yathivarenya. Another attraction of this temple is the 'Kanakana Kindi' -a small window through which Krishna is believed to have given darshan to his ardent devotee, Kanakadasa.Popular belief is that King RamaBhoja, an ardent follower of Parashurama installed the statue of Anantheshwara. Chandreshwara temple was built in the spot where Chandra (the moon) performed a penance, to get rid of the curse of Daksha Prajapathi. The place where Chandra meditated got to be called as Udupi. (Udu = a star and pa = follower) The usual practice in Udupi is to visit Chandreswara, Anantheshwara temples and then visit Sri Krishna temple. There is many interesting stories behind the installation of statue of Sri Krishna at Udupi.
  • Visit Kapu Beach , St. Mary's Island,Anegudde Vinayaka Temple, Ananteshwar Temple & Kodi Beach


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