Ambady Estate - Munnar - Kerala

Located in the tranquil Western Ghats, Ambady Estate is wrapped in the cool embrace of the Sahya rainforest, surrounded by awe-inspiring Parvathy Hills on one side, and the marvelous view of the ‘Chokkan Mala’, Idukki Dam, and the tea plantations on the other sides. Spread across seventy acres, our plantation is home to diverse and indigenous flora and fauna.




Tastefully appointed large and spacious bedrooms with attached living area and private gardens, Ambady Estate offers four twin cottages retaining all the charm of colonial bungalows, providing an invigorating and rejuvenating holiday experience.




The ambience of the dining is in complete harmony with nature. The restaurant is made of natural materials like palm leaves, elephant grass etc obtained from the estate itself.


The restaurant offers you a menu of meals enriched with the vivid flavor of organic vegetables and herbs. Though the menu encompasses delicacies from Indian, Western and Oriental platter, we always encourage our guests to try our local cuisine.


At Ambady Estate, we offer a personal rendition of the Kerala experience based on our beautiful landscape, legacy of our spice trails, the wide range of varied ingredients that our hills and forests have to offer.


Welcome Drink: A spice infusion made of all spices, herbs and leaves from the forest of Ambady Estate.


At Ambady, we follow the principles of locavore system, where we obtain all our produce within a radius of 10 kms. We are also striving to be self sufficient in every way possible.


 Our activities are in service of offering our guests, the possibility to see our amazing surroundings. That is why we organize activities like trekking, bird-watching etc.

IN-HOUSE ACTIVITIESIn-house trekking:

You can trek through the cardamom plantation under the shade of a variety of evergreen trees, most of which are more than 100 yrs old.


Bird Watching:

Birds like bulbuls, sunbirds, barbets, tree-pie, Malabar whistling thrush, babblers, drangos, the vernal hanging parrots etc are some of the resident birds of the plantation.


Wild-Life sighting:

Macaques, Forest squirrel, Malabar giant squirrel, flying squirrel, Barking Deer etc are seen inside the plantation.



Butterfly Migration Spotting:

A variety of butterflies are seen inside the plantation. In 2009, we had the privilege of witnessing the awe-inspiring sight of a 'Blue Tiger' butterfly migration, where millions of butterflies glided through and across Ambady Estate.

Farm Stay Experience:

You can observe and participate in plantation activities, which include picking and processing of cardamom, coffee and pepper.


Guided trek:

We arrange guided treks along the steep mountains of the Western Ghats. This five hour guided trek gives you the wonderful view of Munnar.


In-house guided trek:

A trek with a naturalist through the cardamom forest of Ambady Estate on to the grass lands of Parvathy Hills down by the side of the reserve forest of Letchmi Hills, finally through the tea plantations to Old Munnar. This trek helps you experience the bio diversity of Munnar.


Jeep Safari:

We arrange Jeep Safari through the plantation.


Cooking Classes:

Cooking demonstrations on traditional Kerala dishes are arranged on special request.


Address: 3rd Mile Pallivasal .P.O., Pallivasal, Munnar,Kerala
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