Provides inner peace

Minimises stress

Makes you fresh and fit


Yoga SutraYoga Sutra – Meditation


Revitalizes body and mindAssures

 a rejuvenated feel

Makes the body agile 



Helps reduce obesity

Promotes beauty care

Purifies the body


Svastii one day retreat

Provides instant relaxation

Harmonises body and mind

Relieves you from tensions


Surrounded by lush greenery and drenched in the dew of tranquility, Amrutham helps you Experience Shoonyata – a moment of silence- that elevates you to a balanced and sublime state of mind.


Enrich your body-mind with rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga. Listen to your heart – the only sound that fills the air is the mellifluous chirping of birds and the south westerly breeze from the Arabian Ocean whistling through the trees.


Amrutham has been tastefully designed to follow Vaastu Principles, the traditional architectural style of Kerala that enables positive energy flow and healing. Savour delicious ethnic Kerala cuisine at our rooftop restaurant and enjoy the breathtaking view of the endless stretch of greenery that is always on the menu. Relax by the poolside and feel the warmth of Amrutham.


Embark on your personal wellness journey. Step in and Step Up.



Surrender to the magical fingers of our specially trained therapists and see the stress melt away. Qualified physicians and technicians at Amrutham focus on rejuvenating tired and stressed body and minds. We offer you a credible range of authentic Ayurveda treatments – golden balms of healing taken from the ancient Ayurveda texts written some 5000 years back.



Contemplate as you transform your body-mind at Amrutham.  We offer you credibleyogic regimen at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels through a series of focused training sessions by devoted Trainers Training is at the spacious open air Yoga Studio or are offered by the banks of the beautiful fresh water Vellayani Lake. 


Meditation and Contemplation

It’s a great way to tune back to life and achieve a sense of calm and clarity. Reconnect yourself through guided meditation on the form and formless in the peace and tranquility at Amrutham.

Sit erect, close your eyes, breathe, feel your body – everything is alright as it is.


10% of tariff for cancellation ten days before check-in date

50% of tariff for cancellation five days before check-in date

No refund for cancellation less than five working days before check-in date