Bagh Sarai Resort Bandhavgarh Madhya Pradesh

At Bandhavgarh you will be the guest of Neeraj Pathania and his team. Neeraj is well known for his work with National Geographic and Discovery Channel and his travels with Mark Shand, featuring prominently in Mark's book, River Dog. He was the expedition leader for the "Elephant vision" National Geographic film with Caroline Casey & Kanchi. He is in hospitality trade since 1994 and having a dream of perfect wildlife set up with people for people.Bagh Sarai is proud of his team and his dedication, our family is growing and all of them are smiling & shining stars of us.

Bagh Sarai is always thankful to everyone who is involved with our wildlife project.

The Private Bungalow (Cottage) : The Private Bungalowshave been laid along an alliance that blends with the peaceful open agriculture land, surrounded by forest and wildlife.The Bungalows have been planned with utmost care, without spoiling the mood of nature. They have been given the look of a "Johpri", the traditional tribal village house. It's first of its kind blend of our experience and tradition. 

The Theme and ethics : The bungalows have been kept khaki in shade as the resort is situated within a jungle and wildlife around. The connecting walkways, the detailing of lighting in harmony with the natural plantation all come together. You might spot a Jackal walking on these paths along with you, proving how comfortable the wildlife is, with our setup.

The Nature and mankind : Most materials have been procured from the local villages,helping the community monetarily. The highlight is the Khaki /Red stone color on all the walls. Quarters of our kitchen staff also have similar shade,that is our code of jungle. All interior walls of the Private Bungalows are made of the waste of marble (paste) without plaster or any other chemically treated paints.

Jackal's House- The Bar : The central structure that houses the reception and the restaurant also has a separate sitting area and a beautifully designed bar known as Jackal's house.

Address: Bandhavgarh National Park, Village: Parasi, Post: Dhamokhar, Umaria, ,Madhya Pradesh 486601
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
The Private Bungalow (Cottage) 01-10-2020 to 31-03-2021 0