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Explore a space that's right at the heart of Pune's business and entertainment area. One of the best 5-star luxury hotels in Pune, Vivanta Blue Diamond has everything you need to unwind and relax. It’s 5 kilometres away from the airport and 2 kilometres from the nearest railway station.

Drive in towards our grand entrance, delighting in backseat surprises (we're not revealing anything just yet). The new and expanded lobby features a dramatic atrium space, with a high glass wall. Discover the most happening restaurants, which open into the lobby or the pool – an enticing food zone that offers the best in world cuisine.

Technology is woven through it all. Vivanta Blue Diamond has all the entertainment and connectivity options that the modern traveller needs. Become a part of our world. Come and make yourself at home.



FEAST - VIVID MEALS. Vivanta Blue Diamond is home to some of the best restaurants in Pune. Latitude’s fresh take on multi-cuisine favourites and Mystic Masala’s authentic regional and North Indian cuisine. Sample Whispering Bamboo’s delicious Konjee Crispy Lamb or simply relax at Easy Bar. Pop in to Caramel to satisfy your sweet cravings.


LATITUDE - FULL OF LIFE. ALL THE TIME!The easy charm and classic comfort dishes (Indian and international) make Latitude a lively scene even at the oddest hours. This is one of the best Indian restaurants in Pune! An interactive kitchen, trendy furnishings and artistic food presentations set the tone for the perfect evening, accompanied by the perfect meal.The interiors are chic and the vibe informal. There is no better choice for a 3:00 a.m. coffee or pizza attack. Fans rave about the late night Kheema Pav. And, the business crowd loves their drawn-out poolside lunches, with live food stations. Whenever you need to need to eat, Latitude, Pune has exactly what you need. We'll even pack you a breakfast to go.


MYSTIC-MASALA - CUISINE LIKE NO OTHER.Mystic Masala has some of the best regional and North India food in Pune. The restaurant presents hand-picked, home-style preparations from across Central and Western Maharashtra. Along with the array of Maharashtrian delicacies, the menu also showcases an extensive selection of popular traditional Indian specialities.Try regional specialities inspired by meals prepared for the Peshwa rulers and in other royal homes across the state. Among the local specialities are Kothimbir chi Wadi, a tasty coriander patty from the Konkan; Kombdi cha Gawaran Rassa, home-style country chicken curry originally from Satara; Paplet chi Amti, a tangy pomfret curry from Malwan; and Kolhapuri Rassa, a spicy mutton dish served with rice. The staff will challenge you to resist popular desserts like the Amrakhand and Puran Poli.Live Ghazals accompany the food in the evening. We strongly recommend you reserve your table. The food here is hot!


EASY - EASY DOES IT.Drop by for cocktails or simply to unwind. Watch the night warm up at Easy, a soulful lounge in Pune at Vivanta Blue Diamond. Unwinding was never this easy, and the ambience here sets the perfect tone for relaxation. Sit back and watch the evening whizz by.You must try Easy’s signature cocktails (the Flaming Lamborghini) and mocktails such as the Hawaiian Pull-Up. Our wine menu is arranged according to the type of grape used and the region to which it belongs, so you can arrange for the kind of tasting you want for the evening. See fresh fruit and herbs happily muddled to make refreshing cocktails. Experiment with our range of mojitos and caprioshkas. Sample an array of single malts. The drinks flow easy in this chic lounge. It's all happening here. The chefs at Easy Bar keep the much-loved continental cuisine coming to tame hungry lounge guests in Pune


WHISPERING-BAMBOO - CHINESE WHISPERS.Enjoy the most authentic Chinese food in Pune. The food here is presented in charming bamboo shoot surroundings. Try the extensive menu, which features a variety of delicious dim sum, soups, starters, main course dishes, rice, noodles and sumptuous desserts. This is Chinese food like never before!From the spicy Sichuan specialities and delicious Hunan dishes with concentrated flavours in their wonderfully reduced sauces, to mild Cantonese and Mandarin preparations, there’s something for everyone at Whispering Bamboo at Vivanta Blue Diamond, Pune. The word is that the food is outstanding. And it's not being whispered, but talked about out loud.The best of the far East, right here in Pune.


CARAMEL - SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE.Caramel – a patisserie in Pune – is where you can smell the refreshing coffe Address: 11, Koregaon Park Rd, Vasani Nagar, Koregaon Park,,Pune, Maharashtra 411001
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Deluxe Allure Suite 22-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Luxury Bliss Suite 22-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Premium Indulgence Room City View Double Occupancy 22-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Premium Indulgence Room City View Single Occupancy 22-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Superior Charm Room (City View) Double Occupancy 22-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Superior Charm Room (City View) Single Occupancy 22-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0