Chidambara Vilas - Chettinad/Karaikudi - Tamil Nadu


Chidambara Vilas is a 110 year old heritage Chettiar home that provides an authentic showcase of the luxurious Chettinad lifestyles of the last century.

Authentic restoration

The luxury is truly in the details, made possible through a 3 year restoration effort by the Sangam group which manages this heritage property. You can now experience one of the best examples of authentic Chettinad architecture, furniture, glasswork, tile work and paintings.


Beautifully recreated rooms

25 rooms have been recreated and restored to the smallest details. At the same time the rooms have been subtly enhanced with all luxuries and amenitiesto offer a personalized experience that gives the best of both worlds, a full century apart.



Savour the world famous Chettinad cuisine through three unique dining experiences at Chidambara Vilas – Interactive, Experiential and Fine Dining.


Indoor and outdoor activities

Enjoy a complete Chettinad experience through the custom designed inddor and outdoor activities. Relax in the international standard swimming pool and lounge area within the property.


Luxury Heritage Room

The heritage rooms at Chidambara Vilas recreates the ambience of authentic Chettiar lifestyles. This is visible in the attention to details, from the vintage hand operated Panka fans to even the switches which are designed in a format from a previous era. This is also reflected in the furnishings to the lighting and the design elements like athangudi tiles, the wooden roofing and panelling. The rooms at Chidambara Vilas are the most authentic Chettiar experience available today, and is the result of a painstaking effort at renovation, which involved the use of innovative and creative techniques to blend old world charm without compromising on luxury.


Heritage Double Room

Each heritage double room has been recreated in the style of Chettiar homes. As you enter the heritage double rooms, one of the striking features is the poster beds with carved wooden posts and curtains. Vintage format accessories have been used throughout the room, and even small details like the switches are recreated from designs from the last century. The famous ‘Athangudi’ tiles complete the picture with wooden panelling and beamed roofing.

Chidambara Vilas stands out by blending luxury to the heritage structure through features that blend into the vintage format. Handpicked paintings, photographs and reproductions of famous artists lend color and warmth to the cool white walls.


It is like being transported to a heritage room from a hundred years ago, but still having access to features that visitors can’t do without like airconditioning, refrigerators and HD TV’s to full feature bathrooms with long bath and shower cubicle.

The designer furniture includes study tables and lighting fixtures, while the space extends to the large wardrobes. The rooms also come with Tea/Coffee makers and intercom to connect with the staff at all times for any requirements.


Heritage Twin Room

The heritage twin rooms are spacious with large window and balcony spaces that overlook the rustic landscape around the house. The room facilities match every need of the international traveller, but are designed to blend with the vintage room aesthetics. The rooms have been designed with a sense of history, which is elevated hand picked paintings and reproductions of famous artists. The rooms also include photographs and paintings of the journey of Chidambara Vilas and its occupants through the years.

While the ambience transports the visitor to a different era, the facilities match the luxury that heightens the sense of relaxation. The handmade athangudi tiles lend a cool and smooth feel to the flooring that is traditional to the area.


The infusion of luxury runs through both the breadth and quality of features, from airconditioning, HD TV’s and refrigerators, to bath rooms that feature a long bath and shower cubicle. Visitors can use the intercom to summon the staff at anytime and use the in-room safe for valuables.


Dining Overview

The Chettinad cuisine is a product of the unique local flavours, landscape and ingredients that trace back to centuries ago when the region was adopted by Chettiars. It has also evolved from the broad exposure of the Chettiar business community through their travels to all parts of the world. Just like the architecture and furniture, the cuisine is unique to the region that lends it its name.


A unique culinary experience

Chidambara Vilas recreates the entire culinary experience from the historical context – from the preparation and presentation of food to the Address: Ramachandrapuram, Kadaipatti, Off Thirumayam Fort, Pudukkottai Dist,Tamil Nadu
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