Cinnamon Grand Colombo Sri Lanka

Savour your penchant for finer comforts. Partner with sheer luxury at Cinnamon Grand, as you attend a business event in the capital city. Let the opulence of our meeting rooms and conference halls seep into flourishing work partnerships. Raise a toast to all the success at our plush restaurants and taste jubilance like never before. When you’ve enjoyed every bit of your Grand accomplishments , retire to your room, and relish the exquisite comforts that Colombo’s most lavish business hotel has to offer.
Accommodation : Stay with us! 
We cherish the time you spend with us. So, when you’re here for a break, for work, or for a celebration, your comfort becomes our priority. From the moment you check in, to every experience you have, our ambience and service blend in perfect harmony, creating a string of memorable moments for you.

Courtyard Room - Sit back and relax -What comforts you in a city away from home? A warm autumn-themed space, with all your daily essentials around, views from the window that take your mind off work, or simply an aura that lets you be? Well, our Courtyard Room offers all of it and more. So, walk in and find solace after a long day at work.
Premium Room - Enjoy a modern, sophisticated vibe - Feel a chic, sophisticated charm take over as you enter this space. As it grows on you, the suave, yet minimalistic design ethic of the room will draw you into a relaxed frame of mind. So, find enough room to lounge around and peacefully reflect on the busy days. When you decide to call it a night, sink into sweet slumber.
Executive Room - Enjoy the perks of a busy life. - A hectic life at work feels rewarding when it is complemented by downtime. Find this balance when you stay in our Executive Room. A seamless express check-in, followed by exclusive access to the boardroom and the executive lounge, make plenty of room for both, business and leisure. So, begin your day with a fulfilling breakfast at the lounge and follow it up with dedicated hours at work without any disturbance. Then, break for high-tea and later and unwind with a round of cocktails at happy hours. When you decide to call it a day, head to your room and drift into deep sleep.
Courtyard Suite - Make room for downtime - When you have had business on your mind, doesn’t it feel nicer to come back to a space that lets you loosen up? Discover this essence in our spacious Courtyard Suite. Stay here and start your day on a bright note as the windows fill the room with natural light. Lounge around the living area in your spare time and recharge yourself for an evening with your fraternity. Conclude the day with peaceful sleep in a comfortable bed, until another radiant morning greets you.
Apartment Suite - Discover a new home on a sojourn - All good things take time. So, when you’re on our island persevering towards a business objective, be assured about your time here. Our Apartment Suite is designed to cater to your sojourn. Its large living area grants your need to rest without restraint. The comfortable dining space lets you truly savour your meals in privacy. 
Penthouse Suite - Celebrate waking up to a lake, with extravagance - Every step into this space is one towards a little more sense of elation. As the warm interiors welcome you, the spaced out furniture invites you to enjoy every hour of the day to its best. 

Address: 77 Galle Rd,Colombo 00300
Hotel Type: Hotel
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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Deluxe Room Double Occupancy 13-04-2021 to 31-03-2023 0