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As soon as you glimpse the Deogarh Mahal, you can see that its rulers must have been serious players in the Mewar aristocracy, their magnificent fort a fitting stronghold for one of its sixteen “umraos” – the most senior feudal barons attending on the Maharana of Udaipur. Even so, you might not necessarily guess that the Rawats of Deogarh (a local title equivalent to “Raja”) once ruled over the fourth largest jagir in the whole of Rajasthan. At its most extensive, their territory comprised some 210 villages, with one of their defensive forts as far as 100 km away. Yet there is little ostentation and even less gold to be found in their palace. Like most of the Mewar nobility, they spent too much time fighting to have much to spare for amassing great wealth.


And yet if one of their ancestors, had had a better sense of humour, the throne of Mewar might even have been theirs…


Entering the Palace

It is the public face of the Deogarh rulers that we encounter first. The gateway into the front courtyard passes beneath the “Kacheri” where justice was administered – reminding us immediately that they held powers of life and limb over their subjects. Then the richly painted palace entrance leads us up, past a couple of small family shrines, through a series of narrow passages and staircases.

(A grander entrance route would have been harder to defend!)


But notice how well-worn the steps are here, compared with other parts of the palace. This is the area that saw the heavy traffic, the villagers coming to pay their feudal dues or seek some judicial remedy. Their business took them only as far as the first floor, where the revenue and general administration departments were located at the front of the building.

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Activities that can be enjoyed around Deogarh

There is a lot to do in the area which the hotel will arrange for you. The Gokal Garh Fort atop the nearby hill, The Shiva cave temple at Anjana Mahadeoji, artisans at work to watch, riding, bicycling, the use of vintage cars, a rural rail ride in a 1930's train, jeep drives through the countryside seeing the villages....and of course, relaxation with a spell by the pool, Spa treatments and just sitting and watching! The food is good with two restaurants and romantic dinners can be arranged high on the ramparts.

(1) Rural Ramble-> The Rural Ramble is a drive through a pastoral setting where one explores the natural surrounding with people tending to their fields and cattle and living in complete harmony with nature. We visit a cave temple –a cavernous rock in which is ensconced a shrine of Lord Shiva. The top of this rock offers a panoramic view of landscape of black volcanic rocks interspersed with rocks.


The drive than leads to a lake side where refreshments are served .These  lakes attract a lot of the local  migratory birds and    small animals that are lovely to watch with the sun set as a back drop.


(2) Rural Ramble with Picnic-> This can be done with two options.

Option 1-> The guests can be sent for a Picnic after breakfast at the Hotel. We send Hotel Jeep and one of our Guide  to escort them. The drive covers small villages, meeting with Rural people and finally at a natural place where the guests can take the packed Lunch sent with them.


Option 2-> This option is recommended for groups because we need minimum 15 paying pax to do this activity. Guests can be sent for a Picnic after breakfast at the Hotel. We send Hotel Jeep and one of our Senior staff to escort them. The guests can do a tracking from a fixed point, if someone is not interested he can continue in jeep.After a certain time everybody reaches at lake side, where we organize live Rajasthan Lunch.The guests take the lunch in traditional Rajasthan style.The Royal family members may also join them for lunch.

(3) Village Walk-> This is a nice walk in to the village. We send one of our staff to assist them. There is no fixed time for this.It can be done any time with prior information.


(4) Rural Rail-> A nice pleasure trip in to the Aravali Hills by Meter guage train on 1930’s British Track. The track  consists of 17 U shape bridges and 2 tunnels with lots of monkeys. Distance covered is only 17 KM but time taken is 2 Hours. Recommended time is 9.30 AM from Deogarh Mahal.

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