Evolve Back - Hampi ( Orange County - Hampi )

Travel back in time to the glorious days of the 14th century Vijayanagara Empire. Let the stone monuments at Hampi tell you the story of what was once described as “the best provided city in the world”. With stunning rugged forests and boulders forming its backdrop, Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi is located just 4 km from this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its fort like entrances, stone-paved boulevards, arched hallways and regal chambers mirror the famed palaces of a bygone but glorious era



DINING OVERVIEW - The two restaurants at the resort are dedicated to the gourmet in you. While they offer a fine selection of continental and Indian cuisine, they are primarily inspired by the Vijayanagara Empire. Together, they are certain to fulfill every culinary aspiration and satisfy the most demanding palate. The impressive culinary spread at the resort, is outdone only by the breathtaking setting and architecture of its restaurants.


VAIDYASALA - Just like our ancient kings and queens did, allow India’s ancient system of wellness and healing to refresh, revive and rejuvenate you in body, mind and spirit.

Our trained physicians and masseurs will prescribe a customized regimen suited to your specific needs and constitution that you can experience in a regal and tranquil setting.


EXPERIENCES OVERVIEW - Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi is inspired by the architectural splendor and magnificence of the Vijayanagara Empire. You will revisit the glorious capital of this once prominent empire in the walks and visits we have designed for you. All our walks and visits have been thoughtfully fashioned to engage you in various aspects of its history, mythology, architecture, commerce and political life, which come alive in its striking monuments, magnificent temples and soul-stirring landscapes. Prepare to Join in an Awakening…Know More!


OVERVIEW - Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi boasts of several facilities that reflect the grandeur and magnificence of the Vijayanagara Empire. A large and welcoming Infinity Pool, a world class spa offering traditional Ayurvedic wellness therapies, a Reading Room and a tranquil Lounge, are all designed to transport you to an era of gracious, pampered and unhurried living – the true expression of luxury!



  • JAL MAHAL - The Jal Mahal is a reflection of Vijayanagara architecture at its luxurious best. Inspired by the Water Palace within the Zenana Enclosure, the spacious Jal Mahal boasts of separate dining, living and sleeping areas, and a royal sized bath with its own open courtyards. A private deck with a Mantapa overlooking your personal pool provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Suitable for families or couples celebrating a special occasion.


  • ZENANA - Zenana, the most luxurious suite in the main palace building is inspired by the Queen’s quarters. It has separate living, dining and sleeping areas. These large and spacious suites have their own private balcony and, additionally, a private Jacuzzi in the en-suite bathroom. They are perfect for couples who seek romance in a period setting.


  • NILAYA - Nilaya is a spacious suite that offers separate living, dining and sleeping areas. In addition to the large en-suite bathroom, each suite boasts an in-room Jacuzzi overlooking a private terrace. Ideal for couples who prefer extra space and privacy!


  • NIVASA - Nivasa is a spacious room with separate living, sleeping and dining areas. Perfect for couples, these elegantly designed suites come with a balcony with a private Jacuzzi that is accessible from the room as well as the large en-suite bathroom.


Address: Kamalapura – P.K. Halli Road, Kamalapura, Bellary District, , Hosapete, Karnataka 583221
Hotel Type: heritage
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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Jal Mahal Room 01-10-2020 to 03-10-2020 46000
Nilaya 01-10-2020 to 03-10-2020 38000
Nivasa 01-10-2020 to 03-10-2020 34000
Zenana 01-10-2020 to 03-10-2020 40000
Jal Mahal Room 04-10-2020 to 22-10-2020 27000
Nilaya 04-10-2020 to 22-10-2020 22000
Nivasa 04-10-2020 to 22-10-2020 20000
Zenana 04-10-2020 to 22-10-2020 23000
Jal Mahal Room 23-10-2020 to 26-10-2020 46000
Nilaya 23-10-2020 to 26-10-2020 38000
Nivasa 23-10-2020 to 26-10-2020 34000
Zenana 23-10-2020 to 26-08-2020 40000
Jal Mahal Room 27-10-2020 to 12-11-2020 27000
Nilaya 27-10-2020 to 12-11-2020 22000
Nivasa 27-10-2020 to 12-11-2020 20000
Zenana 27-10-2020 to 12-11-2020 23000
Jal Mahal Room 13-11-2020 to 21-11-2020 46000
Nilaya 13-11-2020 to 21-11-2020 38000
Nivasa 13-11-2020 to 21-11-2020 34000
Zenana 13-11-2020 to 21-11-2020 40000
Jal Mahal Room 22-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 27000
Nilaya 22-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 22000
Nivasa 22-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 20000
Zenana 22-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 23000
Jal Mahal Room 20-12-2020 to 22-12-2020 46000
Nilaya 20-12-2020 to 22-12-2020 38000
Nivasa 20-12-2020 to 22-12-2020 34000
Zenana 20-12-2020 to 22-12-2020 40000
Jal Mahal Room 23-12-2020 to 30-12-2020 61000
Nilaya 23-12-2020 to 30-12-2020 50000
Nivasa 23-12-2020 to 30-12-2020 45000
Zenana 23-12-2020 to 30-12-2020 53000
Jal Mahal Room 31-12-2020 to 31-12-2020 81000
Nilaya 31-12-2020 to 31-12-2020 67000
Nivasa 31-12-2020 to 31-12-2020 60000
Zenana 31-12-2020 to 31-12-2020 70000
Jal Mahal Room 01-01-2021 to 02-01-2021 46000
Nilaya 01-01-2021 to 02-01-2021 38000
Nivasa 01-01-2021 to 02-01-2021 34000
Zenana 01-01-2021 to 02-01-2021 40000
Jal Mahal Room 03-01-2021 to 31-03-2021 39000
Nilaya 03-01-2021 to 31-03-2021 32000
Nivasa 03-01-2021 to 31-03-2021 29000
Zenana 03-01-2021 to 31-03-2021 34000