List of Rooms

Business Double Room Alternatives

Business Single Room Alternatives

Economy Double Room Alternatives

Economy Single Room Alternatives

Executive Suite Double Room Alternatives

Executive Suite Single Room Alternatives

First Class Double Room Alternatives

First Class Single Room Alternatives

Large Suite Double Room Alternatives

Large Suite Single Room Alternatives

Small Suite Double Room Alternatives

Small Suite Single Room Alternatives

No Hotel Info Available

Cancellation Terms

  • 10 weeks  prior to departure  - Nil charges to apply                   
  • 8 – 10  weeks prior to departure-  15% cancellation penalties apply
  • 8 weeks prior to departure- 25% cancellation fee will be levied
  • 8 to 6 weeks prior to departure-  35% cancellation fee will be levied
  • 6 to 4 weeks prior to departure- 50% cancellation fee  will be levied
  • 4 weeks to 1 day prior to departure- 100% of total due, will be levied.

Inclusive of Accommodation & Taxes.

Meal As Per given Plan. 

  • CP Plan: Inclusive of Accommodation,Breakfast.
  • MAP Plan: Inclusive of Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner.
  • AP Plan: Inclusive of Accommodation, Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner.

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