Forsyth Lodge Satpura National Park Madhya Pradesh

Over a century and a half ago, an officer of the Bengal Staff Corps found himself captivated by the Central Highlands of Madhya Pradesh. Captain James Forsyth was one of the first Europeans to explore and fall in love with Satpura. While the National Park was established in 1981, the Satpura Tiger Reserve was set up in 2000 under Project Tiger. The park is part of the government’s initiative to preserve and reclaim the dwindling forests of wild India.

The Lodge : Much like our namesake, James Forsyth, we’re seekers in the wild; constantly searching for new stories, great adventures and a sense of profound oneness with all things living. We welcome responsible travellers, adventurers, naturalists, ecology and wildlife enthusiasts or simply individuals looking to escape the mundane and experience something raw and real. We’ve built an inspiring eco-lodge utilising only 10% of our land, with a unique wilderness experience on the edge of the buffer zone of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Hidden in dense deciduous forests, it’s a glimpse into our world the way it was always meant to be — untouched and boundless.

We strive to form intimate connections with local communities and wildlife in an effort to conserve what’s rightfully theirs. From reforestation undertakings and sustainable everyday operations to promotion of local art and businesses, we do our bit to help boost the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

Perched on a 4X4 or braving the woods on foot, we wander with a keen awareness of the workings of the jungle. Canoeing across the Denwa River gives us a peek into a world unknown, teeming with life. On the fresh trail of a pack of dholes or marvelling at the leopards stealth, no day at Forsyth Lodge comes without a thrilling chapter.

Come evening, we share stories of the day over beverages and delicacies made from locally sourced fresh produce. At bedtime, we gaze at the starry skies as a light breeze carries the sounds of the jungle to us. The next day holds another adventure. 

Forsyth Lodge awaits.

Address: Satpura National Park, No.14/1, Village Bija Kheri, Sohagpur, Dist Hoshangabad, Sohagpur,,Madhya Pradesh 461771
Hotel Type: Hotel

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AC Cottage - Double Occupancy - Indian National 13-11-2020 to 31-03-2021 0