Forsyth Lodge Satpura National Park Madhya Pradesh

Forsyth Lodge is a boutique wildlife lodge set in 44 acres of reclaimed jungle at the edge of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Our focus is on delivering a meaningful and sustainable wilderness experience and this is reflected in the services we offer, and in the way we manage the property. We have very deep-rooted partnerships with the park administration and the local community and deliver an immersive experience to travelers who want to go beyond what just meets the eye.
The lodge is a rammed-earth structure while the cottages are built out of cob. Both are ecologically responsible ways of building that blend with local architecture and go a long way towards moderating temperatures through the variations of summer and winter. This is but one of various ways in which Forsyth Lodge treads softly on the landscape, while offering thoughtful luxury and comfort. The main building holds spacious dining areas, a well-appointed library devoted to books on Indian wildlife, a cosy lounge with several fireplaces, and the bar. 
Our naturalist curated experiences, within the property and inside Satpura Tiger reserve : one of the most pristine and unexplored landscapes within India, delivers the most personalised, exclusive safari and wilderness exploration which will keep you coming back for more. This lesser-known park is getting recognized for its unique activities such as jeep safaris, walking safaris and trekking in the Core Area, camping in the Buffer Area, canoeing on the Denwa river, and cycling in the Buffer Area, which create a memorable holiday experience whether you are a die-hard wildlife enthusiast, or whether you are simply looking to unwind within the peaceful environs of the Central Indian jungle.
Accommodation: The Lodge is a two-storey building that opens out on to the stunning vistas of the mountains while the cottages are built to offer unique vantage points into the landscape and forests.  Of the 12 independent luxury cottages built in an arc around the lodge building, 4 come with open-air Machaan terraces, which are additional covered spaces on the roof, with a double-bed.
Accessibility: Forsyth Lodge is easily accessible via Bhopal (135 Kms/approximately 3.5 hours away), which is also the nearest airport and a major train station.

Address: Satpura National Park, No.14/1, Village Bija Kheri, Sohagpur, Dist Hoshangabad, Sohagpur,,Madhya Pradesh 461771
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Gondia Cottage 25-08-2021 to 14-09-2021 0
Machaan Cottage 25-08-2021 to 14-09-2021 0
Gondia Cottage 15-09-2021 to 30-06-2022 14000
Machaan Cottage 15-09-2021 to 30-06-2022 17000