Gajlaxmi Palace Dhenkanal Orissa

Romancing the nature with an old world charm. Not just another of your jungle resorts. But what was a way of life for Dhenkanal Royal family. To Live close to nature and in undisturbed harmony, what really is unique is the relationship you share with the wild here. Trusting and welcoming each other. Much like the rooms that are warm, welcoming, comfortable yet simple.
The royal anecdotes of brush with the elephants come for free as do tips for jungle living. Its home of family that has been living in nature for years. When you Leave, you will have is heart full of peace and tranquility and a mindful of things to do .
After a quarter of a century, a strange twist of destiny has brought a man-eating tiger back! But this time it is on celluloid. Sandip Ray and his film shooting unit has set base at Kumar Shaheb's Gaj Laxmi Palace to shoot Satyajit Ray's Royal Bengal Rahasya.
There is also an option of being in a tribal village with just a few hours drive from Gaj Laxmi and is well arranged if notified early.
Back to the palace, there are few rules to follow. Keep away from private quarters of the royalty and it is advisable to ask before you step out on the terrace for the door is kept locked. It is also good to keep a flash light at hand for nights can be dark when the electricity goes off.
Do certainly go in the monsoon. You would see the rumbling clouds come and gather around Megha hills and the palace.

Address: Borapada, Dhenkanal, ,Orissa, India
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Standard Room 14-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0