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Located close to Salem and situated 4,700 feet above sea level in the Shervarayan Hills of Tamil Nadu is Yercaud , a quiet hill station with untouched natural beauty. Lakes, plantations, estates, English bungalows, walk ways and trek zones etc… INDeco’s Lake Forest Hotel is set in the Eastlynne Farm Estate, a live coffee plantation on the banks of the Yercaud Lake, created by Ms.Henrietta Charlotte Rosario during the 1800s. The hotel has evolved around ‘Rosar’. Once called AVIEMORE, ‘The Rosar’ has been carefully restored to its original glory and is a reflection of the pride of the past centuries. Most of the rooms have been raised on the ruins in the estate, maintaining the regal Anglo-Indian style of Architecture of the late 1800’s.


Converted into a heritage hotel, hospitality and indulgences co-exist here with lake views and the forest. Importantly, accommodations have been created only where nature has permitted such developments, within the ecological niche of the place using all traditional practices to protect the land, its heritage and ecology. This continues to be a signature project for reuse & recycling practices. The Fortune Magazine awarded the concept as the sixth of the top 10 ideas to green the world.



The Lake Forest Hotel consists of 75 luxury suites and some royal suites as well. Exclusive family suites are also available. At Lake Forest Hotel, no two rooms are alike. They vary in size, space, décor, feel and comfort. Special suites like the Eastlynne Garden, The Henrietta Chamber, and the Royal English Suites hide in a live coffee estate. Rooms have also been decorated and named in memory of well known English personalities like Queen Elizabeth, Lady Diana, Lord Clive, Charlie Chaplin, Lord Elihu Yale, etc. Interiors have been tastefully done up in an effort to showcase antique English furniture and artefacts. Henrietta Left Behinds such as beds, cots, and wooden sofas, instantly transport you to a different era.

Cantonment Suite

Estate Suite

Victorian Suite

Royal Suite

Eastlynn Garden




Authentic Indian cuisine is an absolute favourite among many around the world. The variety she cooks leaves the individual yearning for more, Britishers being no exception to this. They devoured the combination of Dorai Curry (Mutton Curry) with English country bread. Perhaps if our food was not that great they would have vacated long long ago. A Gandhi could have been spared of all that hard work and 15th August, 1947 would not be history. The Lake Forest Hotel strives to continue the tradition of serving delectable Indian cuisine. It is an absolute delight to experience the Local Dorai Menu prepared by locally sourced and fresh ingredients, keeping in mind the highest standards of quality.


Address: Ondikadai post, Yercaud, Salem,Tamil Nadu
Hotel Type: Hotel

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