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Once the private hunting grounds of the maharaja, Bandipur is unapologetically wild terrain. Elephants roam in large herds, deer stare at you brazenly and peafowl flit in and out as they deem fit. Nestled at the foothills of the Nilgiris, Bandipur has had a long tryst with tigers. One of the thirty reserves identified across the country to save the tiger and its habitat, it’s also one of the last refuges of the endangered Asiatic wild elephant. The Bandipur Safari Lodge is your way of being a part of this ecological haven.

The Bandipur Safari Lodge is built in contemporary architectural style with all the creature comforts. There are no television sets and air conditioning, though, as it’s not really in line with the code of the ‘being one with nature’ experience. With well-appointed rooms, this jungle lodge can accommodate up to 60 persons at a time.


Though Bandipur is around-the-year tourist destination, summers are the best time for wildlife sightings. March to May being the dry season, the animals come out of hiding and can be spotted by the watering holes. But for bird-watchers, the winter months are a better bet, for November to January, many migratory birds from the North, especially the Himalayas come down south to roost.


Activities :
Wildlife Safari
Bird Watching
Nature Walk


Room Type :


  • Special Cottages
  • Cottages
Address: NH 67, Angala Post, Gundlupet Taluk,Chamarajanagar District, Mel Kamanahalli, ,Karnataka 571111
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 01-09-2020 to 22-10-2020 17170
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 01-09-2020 to 22-10-2020 16568
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 01-09-2020 to 22-10-2020 15364
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 23-10-2020 to 01-11-2020 19824
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 23-10-2020 to 01-11-2020 19116
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 23-10-2020 to 01-11-2020 17700
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 02-11-2020 to 12-11-2020 17170
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 02-11-2020 to 12-11-2020 16568
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 02-11-2020 to 12-11-2020 15364
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 13-11-2020 to 16-11-2020 19824
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 13-11-2020 to 16-11-2020 19116
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 13-11-2020 to 16-11-2020 17700
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 17-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 17170
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 17-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 16568
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 17-11-2020 to 19-12-2020 15364
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 20-12-2020 to 02-01-2021 19824
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 20-12-2020 to 02-01-2021 19116
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 20-12-2020 to 02-01-2021 17700
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 03-01-2021 to 30-06-2021 17170
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 03-01-2021 to 30-06-2021 16568
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 03-01-2021 to 30-06-2021 15364
Maharaja Package (Sp.Ct-AC) 01-07-2021 to 31-08-2021 15400
Maharaja Package(Sp.Ct) 01-07-2021 to 31-08-2021 14868
Viceroy Package (Cottage) 01-07-2021 to 31-08-2021 13806