Jungle Lodges - River Tern Lodge - Chikamagalur - Karnataka

Nestled in the Western Ghats the River tern lodge gets its name from the nearby island that attracts hundreds of river terns during the breeding season. It is located on a hillock on the edge of the Bhadra reservoir, near Lakkavali: a stone’s throw away from the northern boundary of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, in the Chikmaglur district. Chikmaglur was once a princess’ dowry – and still holds the charms of a place that a king’s favourite daughter once took as her dowry. Amongst all this, is a perfect place to form a whole new bond with nature


With the soft ripples of the river’s backwaters providing a subtle background score, rest and tranquility are what this experience is about. The River Tern Lodge is a pleasurable experience from the word go! The Bhadra Tiger Reserve is about 4 km from the Lodge. A jeep safari in the evenings offer the opportunity to sight leopards, gaurs, elephants, crocodiles, deer, wild boars, monitor lizards, etc. Bird-lovers are in for a treat with over 200 species including, grey junglefowl, red spurfowl, Malabar parakeet, etc. calling these forests home. A visit to the Tyverekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari and to the Sakkrebyle Elephant Camp, are also options from the River Tern Lodge. Feel like frolicking in the water a bit? The camp has facilities for kayaking, water trampoline and boating. All water-based activities are supervised by well-trained experts and adhere to stringent safety guidelines. After a well-spent day, come to the Gol Ghar, the camp’s group dining hall for a dinner that closes the day on a perfect note. The buffet serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare.



The River Tern lodge has Loghuts & Cottages having its balcony overlooking the placid waters of the Bhadra Reservoir and with a view of the magnificent view of the sunset and air conditioners in the rooms. True to the JLR style, there are no television sets .




Address: Behind Ranganathaswamy Temple, Bhadra ,Karnataka - 577 115
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Osprey Package (LH) 03-01-2021 to 30-06-2021 12284
River tern Package(CT) 03-01-2021 to 30-06-2021 12284
Osprey Package (LH) 01-07-2021 to 31-08-2021 11034
River tern Package(CT) 01-07-2021 to 31-08-2021 11034
Osprey Package (LH) 01-09-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
River tern Package(CT) 01-09-2021 to 31-03-2022 0