Jungle Retreat - Wayanad / Kerala

Jungle Retreat Wayanad is a 10 acre retreat surrounded by jungle on all sides, and we have daily wildlife sightings right inside the retreat itself. It is an ideal escape for wildlife and nature lovers, you can see animals from your room's balcony as they graze in our meadows or come for a drink in the watering-hole. If you are a wildlife and nature lover, we have a host of activities for you such as all-day jungle treks, shorter jungle awareness treks, bird watching walks and multiple, customized wildlife safari drives in Wayanad and Nagarahole national park. 


We offer you a unique opportunity to experience the wilderness in complete safety and comfort of your room. We invite only wildlife and nature lovers, we discourage any sort of noise which may disturb the wildlife nearby. There is a large meadow inside the retreat and we we have a large waterhole that attracts all sorts of animals and the best place to view the animals would be either from the balcony of your cottage or from the 20 feet high watch tower overlooking the waterhole and you should be able to see the animals close by. 


We have 1-bedroom cottages and 2-bedroom villas in the retreat, the rooms are neat and tidy with fully functional, clean, well appointed bathrooms. We also provide home-cooked food which includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies and most of the vegetables are hand-picked from the farm it self. Jungle Retreat Wayanad is owned and managed by nature and wildlife lovers, if you share the same passion, then this is THE place to stay in Wayanad, Nagarahole. Your jungle stay in Wayanad amidst the wilderness awaits you...



We have just a few rooms that we let out, and this gives ample privacy to our guests. This also ensures that the animals visiting our farm are not disturbed by us humans. The rooms are basic, neat and clean, please don’t expect any sort of luxury such as TVs, Fridge and ACs, not that you’d need an AC, the temperature is almost always moderate round the year. Bathrooms are well appointed with running hot and cold water, we have electricity backup if the main grid fails. But it is all about the outdoors in Jungle Retreat Wayanad. 


We have the jungle cottage which gives the best views of the farm, these are stand-alone cottages jutting out into the meadows. You have an unobstructed view of the watering-hole and the meadows from your balcony, which is where you are most likely to spend your time. It also has a large private sun-deck for you to soak in the sun and enjoy the star-lit sky at nights.


The twin cottage also has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 balcony, ideal for a small family of 2 or 3. The twin cottages also have large, excellent balconies and it is made of stone. It has the largest rooms and the largest balconies as well. 


Address: Hirunelli, Wayanad,Kerala
Hotel Type: Hotel

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