Le Sutra Hotel Mumbai Maharashtra

Le Sutra is world’s first Indian Art Hotel with 14 rooms, and conveniently located in the heart of Bandra, just 10 km from the International Airport & 6 km from the Domestic Airport. It’s central to Andheri, Bandra Kurla Complex and South Mumbai, the largest business hubs of Mumbai. A stone’s throw away from the Carter Road Promenade, Joggers Park or Bandstand.

All rooms are individually conceptualized in styling and execution with each room installed with original paintings and more thus lending to 14 different stays experiences.

ABOUT THE TAMAS FLOOR - ‘Tamas’ is a quality of the spoilt. With this ‘guna’, a person or object is immersed, attached and drowned in self-indulgence and gratification. Characterised by imbalance, disorder, chaos, anxiety, and delusion, this quality is full of excessiveness. But on the upside, it’s colourful, opulent, intricate, and erotic.

Indulge your senses in rich experiences and embrace every bit of your desires. Get lost in yourself at one of the finest boutique hotels in Bandra West, Mumbai.

ABOUT THE RAJAS FLOOR - ‘Rajas’ is a force behind the desire to acquire new things. The modish ‘Rajas guna’ is known to lead people to activity. This type of activity is explained by the term ‘Yogakshem’, which means acquiring something that one does not have. This vibrant ‘guna’ is vivacious and is full of passion.

If your soul’s the type that desires a new experience, this is it at Le Sutra one of the luxury boutique hotels in Bandra west – Mumbai.

ABOUT THE SATTVA FLOOR - ‘Sattva’ is the embodiment of order. It stands for a positive and an orderly state of mind. In this ‘guna’ the mind is a canvas of kindness, calmness and alertness. Those who have the ‘Sattva guna’ aspire for higher realm of attainment. This ‘guna’ is characterised by minimalist, celestial, ethereal and aesthetic objects. Aim for a higher path of existence. Le Sutra is the only art hotel in Bandra which provides luxury art rooms, that provides you the indulgence of higher consciousness, being one of the best hotels in Mumbai. Walk in here and experience Le Sutra the only boutique art hotel in Mumbai.

Address: 14, Union Park, Next to Olive Restaurant, Khar West, Mumbai, ,Maharashtra 400052
Hotel Type: Hotel
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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Standard Room Double Occupancy 19-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0