Mahua Vann Resort - Pench - Madhya Pradesh

Mahua Vann is a true haven of tranquility in a pristine wilderness setting where you experience nature amidst the presence of our permanent feathered residents. It assures you an authentic experience in complete harmony with the local community habitat as well as the indigenous flora and fauna. The scattered layout of the cottages, all individually styled to suit diverse tastes, give a sense of space and privacy. Though luxurious, the cottages are in sync with the forest feel and designed in an environment friendly and regional style, using local building materials and practices adopted by people in the neighboring villages. The dedication and love that has gone into the making of this handmade resort is amply visible from the moment you walk in, in way of the mud painted walls or the planting of thoughtfully chosen saplings that regenerate the forest around us. A seasonal river, ‘nullah’ that flows along the side of the Resort, forms a sangam point towards one end, where a large sandy patch strewn with rocks and boulders is ideal for barbecues and bonfires. This river is also a natural watering hole that lures smaller wildlife, however, for sightings of India’s famed Tigers, and specifically the Gaurs and Dhols, Mahua Vann provides excursions into the Pench National Park.


Simplistic though spacious, the cottages are nestled amongst thick foliage. They are in regional design and relate to and incorporate some of the traditional living methods and available resources. Each cottage is uniquely stamped by the hands that created it. The adaptive re-use of old doors and windows adds to its character. Natural materials and hand made fabrics and linen that rustle in the soft breeze are complemented with interesting furniture pieces. Each cottage is equipped with a yoga kit and you are spoilt for choice on places to practice!! All cottages have comfortable bath areas as well as open to sky showers with the overhanging trees creating an element of fun and romance. The stillness of the forest is best enjoyed from the sit-outs, the decks attached with each cottage overlooking the meandering river. The deluxe cottages provide the option to enjoy a true jungle experience, with sleeping in the open, under the Machans - a covered rooftop, attached with the cottage.


“The Survey Lounge” and Library

The open reception area and the elegant library room offers an interesting range of books on nature, birds, wildlife and flora & fauna. An entire collection of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, the recent pictorial coffee table book on the BBC documentary on Pench tiger cubs or travel logs by James Forysth's documenting central India, are all for you

to browse through.

Films on wildlife too have been stocked, for leisure viewing.



Mahua Vann is equipped with a modern kitchen as well as traditional cooking facility. Our local chefs are well trained to help in personalizing your menu with locally savored dishes that are distinctly flavorsome. Most of the vegetables are home grown and organic, and you can savor the local and seasonal specialties. Authentic recipes and organic fruits & vegetables add an unexpected hint of wilderness to your meals, a feature, unique to the Mahua experience. The dining space gives an open and outdoor feel. To one side it has a traditional Khus screen, sprinkled with water, that cools the breeze wafting in and scents it with a lovely fragrance. Besides this, you could be dining in a thatched gazebo or choose the romantic ambiance of a candlelight dinner on the wooden deck of your room, overlooking the water body. Barbecues and Tandoor in the open alongside the campfire place in the winters is another option.


Address: Pench National Park, Village - Kuppitola, District - Seoni,Madhya Pradesh
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Standard Room Double Occupancy 22-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
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