My Garden of Eden - Wayanad - Kerala

My Garden of Eden is a premium plantation retreat located in Meppady, the scenic Southern Village of Wayanad, overlooking the western ghats. There are just seven cottages spaced out in twenty three acres of verdant green plantation. The cottages are airy and spacious and have huge bathrooms and verandah's with spectacular views of the mountains. Sitting in the verandha's of a cottage and looking upon the distant hills and valleys is the most perfect refreshment.The mountains, fruit trees, flowers, coffee, tea, herbs, chirping birds and the lullaby of nature will play a harmonizing and energizing symphony on your mind body and soul. The place is ideal for nature lovers and people who want to restore the harmony of their inner selves. It is a perfect place to explore Wayanad since it is located conveniently close to most of the sight seeing attractions in Wayanad.


Seven different types of villas are available for rent. Each villa is spaciously designed with big verandah's overlooking the mountains and forests. The bathrooms are huge with bathtubs and shower areas.

The different types of villas are 

Luxury villas : Built with granite, roofed with tiles and with average area of 700 square feet.


Luxury cottages on stilts : Offers the best views from the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Uniquely designed and luxuriosly spaced. Average area of 600 square feet. 

Hill top villa : Solitary tile roofed villa a top an acre of tea plantation with its own private gate and an open shower in its backyard adjoining the forest. area of 700 sq feet.


Oldmanagers bungalaw : Located by itself, with its own fence and private garden. Area of 600 sq feet.


Cottage on stilts : Perches overlooking a deep ravine. Area of 500 sq feet. 

Cottages have all modern amenities including minibar, coffee maker and backup invertor, but television has been deliberately kept out.



The resort cater only to in house guests and the menu is a finely balanced mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian, with an emphasis on regional flavours.


Kerala cuisine is specially noted for the fine balance in handling spices and for the rich variety of vegetarian fare and seafood dishes. Most of the recipes of the food served have been painstakingly collected from homes and wouldnt usually find a place in hotel menus.


Menu is carefully crafted for each day, Keeping in mind guest preferences which are ascertained on arrival.

They don't provide room service and hence all the meals would be served in the dining area.


Address: Valathoor, Rippon, Meppady, Wayanad,Kerala
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Standard Cottage Room on CP Plan 01-08-2014 to 30-09-2020 0