Namra Village Hotel - Ladakh - Jammu - Kashmir

Namra village hotel is a perfect destination for the discerning travellers who want to experience the mystical Himalayan mountain valleys of rural Ladakh where its ancient, rich local culture & history remains intact.


Set in an oasis-like village of Tingmosgang, mother nature seems to dance with her wild, enchanting beauty all around this quaint hotel. The mighty Himalayas scraping through the skies & Indus river of Tibet origin gushing down craggy rocks, freshwater streams all through the lush valley of native, wildflowers, tall Yarpa (Poplar) & Willow trees, is a divine sight to behold from the comfort of the hotel.


Besides hosting our guests with such meticulous care & hearty warmth, the hotel is also home to a colorful variety of native plants, trees, flowers, birds, butterflies & insects that thrive on its native trees like the tall Poplar (Yarpa) & stout Willow, lush orchards of apricots, apples & walnuts, organic vegetable gardens, wheat & barley fields & fresh water spring, all so well-cared for by our efficient, friendly team of family & staff. We reciprocate Mother Nature’s bounty and beauty.




We offer our valuable guests a host of services & conveniences!


• Travel desk

Our travel desk is a hub of information not only about the hotel and the village but about everything there is to visit and experience in Ladakh.


• Laundry services

Our laundry service includes washing, drying, ironing while following specific instructions from each guest.


• Doctors on call

Doctors are readily available in case our guests should need one. Both allopathy and homoeopathy doctors are available on call.


• Foreign currency exchange

Currencies from all over the world are exchanged without hassle.


• Wi-Fi

We ensure that guests get access to a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.


• Taxi service

Namra provides 24 hours’ taxi service to our guests to travel to and from the hotel and to explore the region.


Namra village hotel offers 18 Ladakhi styled, beautifully furnished rooms with modern amenities. The rooms are spread across our orchards with gurgling freshwater streams & magnificent view of imposing mountains, lush valley and the historic palace.



Seven Heritage rooms, each named after the famed teapots of the Namra, are designed to reflect the traditional hospitality of the Namra house. The rooms are adorned with ancient Ladakhi artefacts and traditional decorations. The window that draws beautiful natural light inside is adorned with a translucent cotton material with the traditional design of Tibetan meandering border on it. The flooring is made of squares carved from apricot, walnut and apple trees. These rooms are also equipped with necessary modern amenities for the maximum comfort of the guests.



11 Premium rooms with antique pillars are designed to offer our guests with all the comforts desired at a village hotel, far away from the clamour and the grind of modern city lifestyle yet in keeping with all the convenience that modernity to has to offer. Rooms are designed in traditional Ladakhi style with a great view of the village, palace and orchards in our own backyard.


The 11 premium rooms number from 101 to 111.


Our traditional kitchen is a sight to behold with its walls adorned with antique wooden shelf, bedecked with rows of traditional brass pots, utensils and cutleries of all size and shapes. The embellished traditional stove (Solthap) in the middle with a chimney that runs horizontally through the roof is the hearth of the family. Watch as authentic Ladakhi cuisines are cooked here.


We go a step further in our commitment to natural ways of life.


We serve wholesome, organic, Ladakhi, Indian, Tibetan, and Continental vegetarian food from our traditional Ladakhi kitchen. Our home-made apricot jam, walnuts, fresh fruits and vegetables are from our gardens & orchards, nurtured by freshwater spring frolicking all through our hotel property.


Some of our mouth-watering, mildly-spiced, local dishes include Chu-Tagi, Skew, Thukpa, Khambhir, Pulao, Paratha, Ladakhi chai or Kahwah tea and Chang or local wine made of barley.


Namra owned the first bar in the region when there were none so you can expect the best chang in the region here. We also serve arrays of tea and beverages from our collection of highly embellished 19th-century teapots, made of brass, copper and gold & silver gilt.


Address: Temisgam Ladakh, J&K India 194106,Temisgam
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