Punnamada Backwater Resort Alleppey Kerala

Punnamada Resort, a signature name among the resorts in Alleppey reflects the pure aura of the tradition and culture of Kerala. Punnamada provides a greater opportunity to enjoy a vacation, tucked away in the springy greens, the serene calmness of the resort that presents Kerala’s heritage in a modern, amenity filled package.


Duplex Villa

One of the best things about Punnamada resort Kerala is the variety it presents. And the absolute ethnicity that almost comes out as the first thing to greet guests when they step inside the resort. From the glow of mutes gas lamps, to lush greenery that creates a canopy around the accommodations, the slowly flitting breeze that comes from Vembanada Lake, right across the resort and the busy chirping of birds skimming across the backwaters.

Some of the duplex villas actually have the best views in the resort as mentioned above. Not to mention the furnishings that speak of warmth, with a mix of cane, wood and ethnic designs, four-poster beds, lampshades, rocking chairs and of course, the softest upholstery covering each furniture. The bathrooms are equally furnished with shower jets, spacious tubs and the latest modern amenities.


Garden View Villa

The garden View Villas are newly built rooms, using combination of tradition and modern Kerala architecture, and each part of the rooms have a hint of traditional and contemporary ethnicity presents in their designs; be it the standard roofs, beems , bed posters , wooden doors and windows, linens upholst etc

Touch of Luxury and mixed with antique beauty. Bathrooms are also the contemporary style and roofs are closed with pargolas.


Lake View Villa

Located strategically across the banks of the VembanadLake, Punnamada resort in Kerala seems like it has been dropped right in the lap of comfortable luxury, and rightly so. Draped in a curtain of velvety green trees, including tropical plants and seasonal flowers, the resort looks like it has been touched by a magic wand. There are, typically three major classifications when it comes to guest accommodations at the resort.

The Lake View Villa at Punnamada Resort is one of its prized guest accommodations, located right across the lake waters. The rooms each have wide windows that face the Vembanad Lake,Kerala with furniture that are modern, yet imbued with tradition in every way. A subdued mix of cane, wood and warm fabrics, the rooms glow with Kerala’s traditional designs everywhere you look. Not only that, each of the room has been designed to allow the morning sunrise to wake you up, something you can enjoy from the interior of your rooms as well as outdoors. Imagine, lying back against the warm softness of your bed, as the sun rays split the horizon, or inversely, spending time on the porch in your rocking chair, with a cup of tea in your hand.


Heritage Garden View Villa

With great planning comes a beautiful Kerala resort and Punnamada can boast about both these features quite proudly. Guests are greeted by the soft breeze blowing off the Vembanad Lake,Alleppey the banks of which house the resort, right across the famous Kerala backwaters. Surrounded by a carpet of green, tropical flowers, fruits, shrubs and plants that epitomize the beauty of the resort tenfold, the resort houses guest accommodations that are equally comfortable, luxurious and beautiful.


The Garden view villas at Punnamada Resort Kerala are located right inside the heart of the resort, with a carpet of green surrounding it. Guests can see how the property has small canals running along one of its sides that add to the quaint charm of the rooms. Also surrounding the rooms are various fruit trees and tropical plants bearing colorful flowers. Grown with extreme care and groomed by our gardening staff, the trees and plants add to the charm of the resort and ensure that the view from your villas remains green and colorful at all times. Not only that, our resort has a strict ‘no tree-cutting policy’, which means guests can enjoy some preserved specimens of trees in the gardens.

The villas have all been built using traditional Kerala architecture, and each part of the rooms have a hint of traditional ethnicity present in their designs, be it the slanted roofs, beams, bed posts, heavy wooden doors and windows, linen, upholstery, etc. So the first thing guests feel as they enter the rooms is a touch of luxury, mixed with antique beauty. And the best thing about the rooms is that the bathrooms are large, airy and open-roofed with pebbled flooring and greenery, that takes you back to nature.

Disabled Friendly Room

The pure Kerala traditional resort at Punnamada is equipped with some of the best guest accommodations, and all of< Address: Punnamada, Alappuzha,,Kerala 688006
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