Ravla Bhenswara - Jalore - Rajasthan

Ravla Bhenswara is the beautiful, colourful and highly individual home of the noble family of Bhenswara. The Ravla (Castle) was built about 240 years ago in typical Rajput style by Thakur Jagat Singh ji Rathore (Champawat) founder of Bhenswara. When you step through the entrance gateway you are transported into another serene and gentle world.

This is rural India; another world, but only 120 km away from the city of Jodhpur. Here you can take a safari to visit the villages to meet the indigenous people and have the opportunity of viewing the abundant wildlife.

This is so much more than just a hotel, it is a delightful and very special home filled with antique treasures which the family want to share with you; the warmth of the greeting from both the family and staff will ensure your stay is a special one, here the Indian saying that "Guest is God" is a true one.

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Ancestral Heritage : Each delightful bedroom room is highly individual and decorated with great style incorporating the most modern of comforts with traditional furniture and locally sourced handicrafts. The rooms are very spacious with cool marble floors covered with Dhurries. There are large beds with very comfortable mattresses and crisp white cotton sheets, traditional furniture and antiques. The walls are painted with either murals or the ingenious glass bangle work, a specialty of this Ravla.The glass bangles are placed on the walls to create sinuous patterns, designed by the owners and applied by a local craftsman they make the rooms absolutely unique. The en-suite bathrooms are up to date with excellent showers.t the facilities.. All rooms are different with its own unique character.


Address: District - Jalore, Thesil - Ahore,,Rajasthan
Hotel Type: heritage

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