Rawla Narlai - Narlai - Rajasthan

The ‘Rawla’ (Manor) is in ‘Narlai’ village, a quaint little hamlet situated on what were once the dusty dirt-roads between the erstwhile states of Marwar & Mewar (Jodhpur & Udaipur), & is surrounded by an assorted landscape that offers rocky outcrops, lakes & forests. An abundance of wildlife made this area a popular haunt for a favorite royal indulgence, ‘shikar’ (hunting) & the ‘Rawla’ provided the perfect abode to set up camp during their sojourns.True to its inherent character, ‘Rawla Narlai’ resonates with joie de vivre that combines blue-blooded panache with rural charm & allows you to experience two diverse facets of the same culture under one roof….like sipping pink champagne from a five hundred year old coupe.


Room Type : Your accommodation at “Rawla Narlai’ is structured around this very theme.

Our 32 boutique rooms & suites have been exquisitely crafted to merge with the spirit of the ‘Rawla’ & capture its essence without touching the veil of tranquility that drapes this 17th century edifice.

The more recent section pays a fitting homage to the craftsmanship of the original structure by following in its artistic footsteps & fusing beautifully to emerge as one magnificent work of art.

Class Heritage : Painstakingly reconstructed by local craftsmen, some of whose forefathers were part of the construction team over 300 years ago. Almost untouched, these masterpieces of heritage echo the legacy of the ‘Rawla Narlai’ & are perfect dens for true lovers of antiquity.

Grand Heritage : Classically grand with aesthetically manicured interiors, these chambers sit atop the original edifice. Complimented by arches, pillars & antique windows, these rooms provide you the pleasure of ‘living in the past’, albeit in ala mode comfort.

Luxury Grand Heritage : Tradition meets contemporary in these lavish, innovative & exquisitely designed rooms. Despite the opulent interiors, the rooms blend sensitively with the natural surroundings as you embrace unimaginable luxury & enjoy the privacy of your personal sitting area.

Narlai Suite : High style & blue-blooded comfort mingle with rustic ethnicity in these royal suits of our new wing. The suites exude a timeless sophistication & symbolize classic elegance—-The moment you walk through the door, its luxury at its lavish best!



Be it amidst natures amenities or our indoors ones, the Rawla Narlai escapade never ends. So, for any Jeep or saddle sore bottoms you may develop or for the sand & dust you carry back as evidence of your adventure, we offer our luxurious Spa to spoil & rejuvenate you. Should you prefer a more aqua oriented ‘cool-off’ however, our pristine pool is a temptation hard to resist.


Address: Village & Post Narlai, Near Desuri, Distt Pali, Udaipur, ,Rajasthan
Hotel Type: heritage

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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Classic Heritage Room Double Occupancy 23-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0