The Pushkar Bagh - Pushkar / Rajasthan

five star luxury and palace hotels mushrooming across the state of Rajasthan, not many young Rajput men gave thought to preserving the real way of life in the desert and sharing it with those who care to travel and see behind the veil of make believe. Kunwar Mahendra Rathore, a direct descendant of the Thakurs of (Rajliya), thought of doing this. To him the location was ideal - an area far, far away from the sounds and sights of urban chaos and closer to the captivating quietude of rural Rajasthan. He dreamed of creating an experience in the area that was not quite the regular heritage hotel one often finds in Rajasthan today.

Mahendra wished The Pushkar Bagh (symbolizing Garden in the local dialect) - to become a desert destination known for its culture and surroundings by ushering in a movement to preserve the local heritage, culture, flora and fauna. Firmly in the saddle with his unique idea and armed with a dream,

Today the Pushkar bagh nestles close to the ground, almost blending with the surrounding landscape - it has not only become a tourist destination but also an economic hub from which a large portion of the neighboring villages draw their sustenance. The Pushkar Bagh is an ideal base to explore Indian desert life, culture and landscape of breathtaking beauty. It offers a stark and contrasting desert experience.


Within The Pushkar Bagh timeless horizons, you will find yourself one with nature.

What better way to spend a day than on camel back, see herds of cattle and sheep roaming around, sometimes grazing, sometimes wandering, as if under the watchful eye of a greater shepherd in a cloud-less sky. Watch village children ambling off to school, while their mothers rustle up their afternoon meal on a ‘Chullah’ (typical village kitchen fireplace made of clay) fired by dung as bio-fuel. And as the sun takes a bow behind the dunes, something inside tells you that this is your sanctuary… and theirs.


Located in the heart of the sand dune region of Rajasthan outskirt of the ancient city of Pushkar between Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Bikaner, the Resort is a hidden gem – very quaint and pleasant, a green oasis in the desert – designed and built in the style of a heritage Mahal (mansion) against the backdrop of a desert landscape.


Converting barren land into an oasis was not an easy task. Local architecture was studied at great length before formulating a design for Pushkar Bagh. You’ll see that the vernacular elements have been contextualized so that they can breathe and exude an ambience of desert ethos. Care has been taken to draw a distinction between imitation and inspiration. Subtly woven into this rustic expression are technology and services that offer comfort levels expected by the contemporary traveler. The intention to make the interiors warm and comfortable in contrast to the earthy and rugged exteriors has led to the blossoming of a boutique environment which has retained the original beauty and royalty of Rajasthan in its pink send stone structure. The ambience at once makes you fall in love with the place where a curious traveler would like to stay and break a long journey.


It is not a super luxury resort Yet, it offers most creature comforts that a modern traveller could wish for. Everything is very clean and tidy. Throughout the resort the atmosphere is relaxed and enchanting.

There are two courtyards where the only noise pollution is the chitter-chatter of birds, a restaurant and a bar that open into courtyard.. . It’s atmospheric to dine out in an open courtyard and feast on mouth watering cuisine that offers both local and world flavors while folk musicians set the tempo around a crackling fire

Beyond this are the living quarters called Rawla’s – an area that has cottages, thatched roof-top sit outs, swimming pool and massage rooms overlooking an orchid. Accommodation is in en-suite rooms which are cosy and comfortable, with doors that open onto their own little patios set amidst the greenery of trees and landscaping. The thatched roofs draw inspiration from the local ‘dhani’(the village hut). The interiors have smooth stucco plaster, patterned mosaic floors, customised furniture and rugs, traditional ‘Khats’ (charpoys) have been converted into sofas, curtains and bed covers have been custom made - all of them being very specific to this desert region of Marwar.

The staff are all local boys who are very helpful, friendly and anticipate your needs .

Room Type:


  • rooms have private balconies.
  • Attached European style bathrooms
  • Wi-fi coverage to all rooms
  • Hair Dryer
  • Running hot and cold water
  • Study desks
  • Room service
  • 1 Address: Motisar Road, Village Ghenehera, Pushkar, Ajmer-302055 Rajasthan INDIA,
    Hotel Type: Hotel

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