Urvashi's Retreat - Manali - Himachal Pradesh

The idea of Urvashi’s Retreat was envisioned by Urvashi’s family earlier in 2014. After two decades of savouring the Himalayan delight as tourists, they envisioned paying the Devbhumi a homage of their own, but this time, as hosts. Nestled in the Bipasha valley, this vision of their materialised in the form of a boutique estate, wherein they fused local rusticity with luxurious living to craft a soul-lifting getaway. And thus, Urvashi’s Retreat was born. 



Discover a wide array of rooms that boast of bespoke luxuries & breathtakingly panoramic views of the Himalayas.


Standard Room (Southside Chamber)

One of the Retreat’s quaintest spaces, the Southside Chamber is a perfect value-for money choice for the economic traveller. It offers a rare, upward garden-facing view and has warm interiors, perfect for the Himalayan winter. Its unique insulation keeps the room at an equitable temperature even during the peak summer hours.


Deluxe Rooms (Rohtang View)

This assortment of rooms is united in that each room offers a view of Rohtang that is unique in its own perspective. Barring three rooms (2, 3 & 4), two rooms have private balconies (8 & 9) while the other two (6 & 7) have a shared balcony and are situated in a private villa.

Crafted using blue pine for their panelling, each room is filled with a rare alpine aroma that is meditative in its own merit. Pampering its guests with the best amenities, these rooms are situated around the brooks and in the midst of the mini-orchard.


Superior Rooms (Brookside Rooms)

The Brookside Bowers are eight double bedrooms split into two identical, interconnected cottages with a brook flowing in-between. Forming mirror-images of one another, these rooms offer private balconies that face the Rohtang Pass and the rocky eastward mountain.

All rooms are fully wooden-panelled and are built in the traditional Kathkhuni style. Equipped with the best amenities for its guests, these rooms are situated at the rear end of the Resort, hence providing a more privatised space for our guests.

The ground floor rooms also have their private lawn space that extend over the Retreat’s mini apple orchard and corner waterfall.


Premium Rooms (Rohtang Duplexes)

Urvashi’s Retreat goes premium with these quaint duplex spaces, all of which are placed at a spectacular vantage point from the iconic Rohtang Pass.

Ideal for those who are appreciative of unique interiors, these rooms provide their guests an expansive bedroom as well as a cozy attic area at the same time.


The Suite (Grand Himalayan)

Grand Himalayan

(The Suite)

Overlooking the vast valley of Manali towards Vashisht, the Grand Himalayan Suite is unmatchable in its grandeur. The fine wooden panelling is alternated with a stone chimney wall and large bay windows that face the quaint brookside neighbourhood. The Suite’s private balcony hangs over the Resort’s brook- its gushing sound relaxing your senses as you are beckoned by the sun-kissed orchards in front of you.

Adorned with exclusive Victorian-style furniture and a luxurious king-sized bed, the exclusive vanity extension, the Suite is truly one of its kind.


Chinar Villa (Exclusive Cottage)

Chinar Villa serves the exclusive purpose of a Himalayan villa rental. Comprising of two double bedrooms that are interconnected by a shared balcony on the first floor, Chinar Villa’s ground floor has a cosy living-dining space as well as a fireplace, kitchenette and powder room.


Savour gourmet-dining with a personalised touch that transports you to diverse flavours.


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