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Windamere Heritage Hotel – History

It is "One of the three Jewels of the Raj", said a celebrated travel writer of The Windamere Hotel. Established in the 19th century as a cozy boarding house for bachelor English and Scottish tea planters, it was converted into a hotel just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Well known to sophisticated travellers the world over, the Windamere is famous for its unique ambience and charm, and has been the subject of many leading stories in the international media.

During the first National Awards Ceremony for outstanding hotels in India, the Prime Minister presented Windamere Hotel with a coveted award for its excellence as a Heritage Hotel of India.

Windamere is the original "Heritage House of the Himalayas". It is situated on Observatory Hill, a Darjeeling landmark, believed to be the focus and repository of life-enhancing cosmic energies.

Some helpful notes on your choice of room / suite / cottage…. which one to choose? Please note in India, a ‘double bed’ is like the ‘king-sized’ variety in the West. We also offer twin beds and extra sleeping arrangements for children. 

Also, please note that our property is situated on what is a holy hill - later named by the British Raj as ‘Observatory Hill’. The very name gives the clue to what can be seen from this vantage point. Windamere is located amongst The Himalayas and from certain viewpoints, Mt. Kanchenjunga can also be seen. From the hotel, the latter range is only a 1 minute walk away, if the range is not visible from the suite window.

Ada Villa

Ada Villa (originally built in the late 1880’s) reflects the age-old colonial style of the Windamere Heritage hotel in Darjeeling. The Villa was extensively used as an English boarding house for British Raj professionals on contract during their stay in Darjeeling. In addition, Ada Villa housed many bachelor tea planters during the era of the British Raj. All of the suites and cottages are from the old Colonial days of the British Raj period, which stretched from the 1800’s up to Indian Independence in 1947). This house is part of the Windamere accommodation on Observatory Hill. All suite names relate to the actual person who stayed there. Four of the six Colonial Suites offer a second bedroom.



Knebworth: situated within the main house of Ada Villa, this beautiful suite has a full sitting area, twin or double beds, fireplace and bathroom. The main Ada Villa house suites are quite large. This room was named after Lord Cobbold’s stately home in England. His father, The Earl of Lytton, was a former Viceroy of India, during the Raj period and was also known as Viscount Knebworth. They all stayed with us.

Alexandra David Neal

Alexandra David Neal: a similar suite to Knebworth, again this room is quite large – with a fireplace. It was named after the famous French lady who dressed up as a monk and managed to get into what was at that time was the reclusive and forbidden country of Tibet. Today, French groups come to honour her. Twin or double beds.



Prince Peter of Greece & Denmark

Prince Peter of Greece & Denmark: situated upstairs in the main house, this is a full colonial suite (twin/double beds), with a second single bedroom and bathroom + fireplace. Beautifully furnished, with high class Indian rugs. The Prince actually stayed here (he was related to the present Duke of Edinburgh).

The Windamere: Ada Villa


Begum Aga Khan

Begum Aga Khan: twin / double bedded, fireplace, sitting area, separate single room and bathroom - same standard of rugs.

The Windamere: Ada Villa


Chogyal of Sikkim

Chogyal of Sikkim: named after our famous guest, the King of Sikkim (he was formally introduced to his second wife at Windamere). A gorgeous room, with twin or double beds, large sitting area, second single room, bathroom and fireplace – again, beautifully furnished with high class Indian rugs.


The Windamere: Ada Villa

Princess of Siam

Princess of Siam: when Thailand was known as Siam, the Princess stayed here. A twin or double bedded suite, with a large sitting area, separate single room, fireplace, chaise longue and bathroom. The present Princess of Thailand has also stayed in this suite, as has the present Thai Ambassador to India. Beautiful Indian rugs from Kashmir.

The Windamere: Ada Villa

Address: Observatory Hill, Darjeeling,West Bengal
Hotel Type: heritage

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