Everything at the Windermere Estate is geared towards a different time, a different pace – inspired by the magic of plantation life. The property is intimate, with just 18 lovingly handcrafted rooms arranged around the original Planter’s Bungalow which still serves as the owner's residence. We’ve embraced our little cliff, building around the existing rock formations and trees to create a space that’s refreshingly close to nature.
The air here is crisp and clean, the temperature pleasant and the views spectacular. The breeze carries the aroma of coffee, cardamom and tea.We suggest rambling walks around the plantation and the surrounding tea gardens, a dip in the pool with the best view in the world, or cozying up with a book in the quiet library. The exclusive restaurant serves thoughtfully personalized, locally sourced cuisine, and guests often gather in the gazebo for coffee and a snack or under the estate’s famous boulder for a barbecue and bonfire. At the Windermere Estate, you can expect old-world minimalism over embellishment, and smiles that come straight from the heart.
The original Planter built his bungalow on arguably the best spot on the Estate, with sweeping views of the tea valleys on one side and the majestic high ranges on the other. The guest rooms were built later, coming up slowly over many years. They remain inspired by the original bungalow, and are built chalet-style into the side of the mountain, 4 rooms to a roof, 2 on the upper level and 2 on the lower. Most rooms open to the ground, and all of them, without exception, have rustic charm of a farm house.
Every room here has been thoughtfully handcrafted over the years, and they are not necessarily similar looking, given they were built at different times and at different sides of the hill. Expect high gabled roofs and beams of red cedar, large windows and lots of natural light, generously-proportioned furniture hewn by the local craftsmen, hand-embroidered sheets of soft linen and cotton, terracotta floors rubbed with linseed oil and hardwood floors polished with traditional wax.
Garden Rooms: The Garden rooms are cozy, at average size of 350 sq.ft. there is more than enough room for two persons. These rooms are on the lower floors of the chalets. We have three distinct styles of garden rooms as they are on different sides of the hills, and have been finished at different times. The flooring is in terra-cotta tiling or hard wood reminiscent of traditional homes.
Estate Rooms: The Estate rooms are large, at average size of 550 sq.ft. there is more than enough space even with the oversized handcrafted furniture. These rooms are on the upper floor in the chalets, and come in 3 different styling. Typical of plantation homes, these rooms are finished with warm terra-cotta tiles and have large en-suite bathrooms with walk in showers.
Planters Rooms: The Planter’s rooms are built on the side of the original residence and a bit away from the communal spaces, at average size of 950 sq.ft. you have small study corner, a private balcony and the bedroom with one wall in full window.

Cancellation of a reservation received between 15 days to 07 days prior to arrival date will incur a cancellation charge of 50% of the whole duration of the stay. Cancellation of a reservation received less than 07 days will incur a cancellation charge for the entire length of stay.

For Refund thru Credit Card 5% Bank charges Applicable + Cancellation charge applicable as per hotel Policy.

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