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Enjoy Riverside Dining Jal & Jalebi Resturant at Ganga Kinare Rishikesh
Diners can indulge in a variety of cuisines at JAL JALEBI & Beyond in Rishikesh, including Mughlai, Continental, Chinese, South Indian, and local fare. The restaurant offers spectacular views of the Ganges River and lush mountains from its candlelight gourmet dining salon, which is lit by the sun throughout the day. The atmosphere is subtly unique and makes visitors feel at home while they have a memorable eating experience. The interior decor blends classic and modern elements in a beautiful, vibrant way. The fairly high prices are justified by the superior food and service. The restaurant is situated inside Hotel Ganga Kinare on Virbhadra Road/Barrage Road, close to AIIMS.
Outdoor seating and live music are special highlights. The genuine Garhwali Thali, Clay Oven Treasures, and Great Indian Vegetarian Food preparations are a few delicacies that you must try. There are also a variety of wines, soft drinks, and cocktails available, including the fruity Sangria and the reviving Mojito. Overall, JAL JALEBI & Beyond is a great dining establishment that combines unforgettable cuisine with top-notch service.
Jal Jalebi & Beyond Information
Modern fine dining is more than simply delicious food; it's also an immersive, captivating experience with a hint of the spectacular. At JAL JALEBI & Beyond, we strive to create culinary magic by striking the delicate balance between creating a spirited and vibrant modern Indian meal in a setting that is peaceful and quirky while still making you feel at home. And we successfully pull it off

JAL JALEBI & Beyond changes from a cosy, well-lit riverbank restaurant by day to a candlelit, upscale dining room by night. The captivating scene of the river, vegetation, and mountain nearly spills into the living room through the wall of windows. You will have to fight off our superb personnel as they strive to ensure you are full since they take Indian hospitality very seriously and they are rarely persuaded. They will be familiar with the names of your kids and their preferred sweets by the conclusion of your stay.
We are a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers genuine dishes from many different cultures, including Mughlai, Continental, Chinese, South Indian, and of course regional. You can find delicious delicacies on our exclusive menu, including 24 hour nibbles. Our Great Indian Vegetarian Food dishes and Clay Oven Treasures are recognised and provide satisfying lip-smacking.

So come to JAL JALEBI & Beyond and dine by the Ganges to experience sunlight reflecting off a rippling river spilling into our colourful hall or undulating black waters under a starlit sky.

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