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The finest method to view Mount Everest and the Himalayas in Nepal is by taking "Everest Flight," sometimes referred to as "Mountain Flight."

The one-hour trip puts you within shooting distance of some of the world's highest peaks, and it's an incredible sensation to fly thus close to the breathtaking massifs of ice and rock. The peaks are visible nearly instantly as the plane takes off and moves east. The magnificent Gosaithan, rising to a height of 8,013 meters, is the first peak you see on the horizon. Dorje Lhakpa (6996m), resembling a huge eight figure, lies prone and buried in snow to its right. Phurbi Chyachu dominates the Kathmandu valley to the right of it.

Choba Bhamare, which is presently unconquered while being relatively modest in this company at 5,933m, comes next on your vision. It is incredibly resistant. Next is MT. Gaurishanker (8,134 m), which is quite noticeable and sharp. According to Hindu mythology, this mountain is guarded by Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati.

The airplane passes over a series of magnificent mountains as it approaches the eastern Himalaya. Standing at 7,023 meters, Melungtse has a plateau-like top. Chugimago, at 6,297 meters, is still unclimbed. Mount Numbur, which rises to 6,956 meters and resembles a breast, is revered by the Sherpas of Solukhumbu as the mother source of pure mild. Next up were Cho-Oyu, at 8,021 meters, the sixth highest peak in the world, and Karyolung, a brilliant white mountain at 6,511 meters..  The final and most thrilling portion of the trip brings you very near to the 7,952-foot-tall Gyachungkang, a climb that is regarded as exceedingly difficult. Puman (7,161m) and Nuptse (7,855m) are to its right. Last but not least is Mount Everest (8,848 meters), known to the Nepalis as Sagarmatha and to the Tibetans as Chomolungma. When one is faced with the tallest and most mysterious mountains on earth, it is an entirely different emotion.


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