Anegundi promises a classic journey back in time. Anegundi's was the first administrative centre of Vijayanagara, which was an empire epitomizing the golden age of India



Badami is famous for its four cave temples - all hewn out of sand stone on the precipice of a hill. 



 Aihole has its own historical significance and is called as cradle of ancient Hindu stone architecture. Many temples and caves of historical importance can be found here. 



Pattadakal one of the UNESCO's world heritage sites flourished to glory during the reign of the Chalukyan dynasty. Lies on the banks of the Malprabha River it was the second capital of the Chalukyas. 



Atal Bihari Vajpayee Zoological Park, popularly known as 'Hampi Zoo is located 5 km from World Famous Hampi, Here you can experience Safari and get up close with Big Cats




Daroji Sloth Bear sanctuary is situated very close to Hampi. Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is the only sanctuary in North Karnataka. It is estimated that about 120 Sloth Bears are living in this sanctuary, apart from Leopards, Hyena, Jackals, Wild Boars, Porcupine, Pangolins, Star Tortoise, Monitor Lizard, Mongoose, Pea Fowls, Partridges, Painted Spur Hen, Quails etc.



TB Dam is the largest dam in Karnataka and is located 5 km from Hospet. It is constructed across river Tungabhadra. This lighthouse is one of the best places to have an eye-catching view of the environment. 



isiting Hampi will be happy to know that 30 km from Hampi at Thungabhadra back waters  is a natural bird sanctuary which is not only a roosting place for rare birds



34 km downstream of River Tungabhadra stretching from Mudlapura village near the dam in Koppal, passing through the ruins of Hampi till the bridge over the river in Kampli 

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