Adventure activities have emerged out as the new cool and exciting thing to do. The very thought of them brings to mind green meadows with towering mountains. Although, travelling to far off places to indulge in such activities may not be a feasible option for all. So what if we told you that you can easily participate in all your favourite adventure activities quiet close to home.


Adventure Camp at Your Doorstep

There are many things that can dissuade one from participating in camping and adventure activities. Not all of us can take time from office at a whim or randomly drop existing plans to travel to another state. Yet,

the desire to get away to an idyllic place is persistent. Camp Wild Dhauj has made things easier for adventure and nature lover by providing them with the ideal getaway which is just a few hours away from Delhi.


One Fun Packed Day at Dhauj in Aravali Valley

Camp Wild Dhauj is just 30 km away from Delhi so you have absolutely no excuse left to pack your bags and be in this gorgeous place. You will find the perfect blend of wilderness, adventure and comfort here. From your arrival till your departure you will get to soak in the beauty of nature and indulge in thrilling activities. If you opt for night stay, you can also enjoy the comfort of eco-friendly lodges. Now you have all the more reasons to check out adventure activities at Dhauj in Aravali Valley.


Activities to Look Forward to

A day of adventure at Dhauj is jam-packed with the most brilliant activities. You can get a taste of real adrenaline rush with activities such as rappelling or you can even enjoy something more fun and less taxing such as a game of volleyball. Here are some of the activities you can look forward to on your visit to camp wild.


  • Rappelling

Coming down rocky terrains with the help of ropes and equipment is surely a thrilling task to try out. The activity is a favourite among adventure lovers as it tests strength, endurance and balance. All adequate safety measuresare taken to ensure that there are no concerns regarding your safety.


  • Rock Climbing

Another enjoyable and popular activity that you get to indulge in is rock climbing. Scaling great heights purely on strength of self and balance is a great way to push limits and have fun at the same time.


  • Low Rope Course Activities

A low rope course is set up especially in a homegrown forest area where one can enjoy a host of activities. You can go swinging on ropes like Tarzan on the Tarzan Swing or you can climb a net made of ropes like a commando. There are other fun activities like Burma Bridge and beam balance that you can try out here. All of them are specially designed for those who wish to make most of the surrounding without having to push their limits. They are also highly suited for one day corporate adventure outing.


Address: At Dhauj Bandh, Village Selakhari, Manger - Dhauj Rd, Distt, Faridabad, Haryana 121004

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