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Location: Tokpada saltpans, near pir baba maidan, off suncity-gass road, Vasai west.

Here’s an opportunity to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Vasai, north-west of Mumbai. This huge green belt is dotted with coconut trees, churches, temples, bungalows, lakes and ponds. Morning weather is very pleasant in this area. Enjoy the view from the front seat, with an experienced Aero Sport Pilot in control of your flight. During the entire sequence of takeoff, flying and landing you are seated comfortably while enjoying the unique experience of free flight.


We ensure safety by being meticulous with our airworthiness checks of equipment and preflight checks. The flights are performed in calm and laminar winds only. The risk factors are minimal as you get airborne only after the wing is fully inflated. Once airborne you are suspended below the canopy which is capable of bringing you down safely even if there is engine failure in a worst case scenario. We always fly with landing zones in our glide ratio.


The highlights during the flight are the beautiful panoramic view of over 15kms of coastline on the west, the sahayadri range of mountains in the east, Vasai villages amidst the green cover of palm and coconuts trees, banana plantations and vegetable gardens. We do some low runs and some simple aerobatic maneuvers for those who like to experience the adrenaline rush. It is an experience you will cherish for your life. There is no age restriction; however there is a weight restriction – minimum 25kg and maximum 80kgs.

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